sandwiches Virgin

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Roskilde SU berettiget Professional Courses Folkeskole en//HeleDanmark/byguidested
City Roskilde
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Professional Courses
Admission Requirements Folkeskole
Education Institution en//HeleDanmark/byguidested
sandwiches Virgin

Do you love to cook and servers and wreak on a delicious way? So you might be cooking Virgo.

As sandwich maid you are expert in making delicate dishes, sandwiches and buffets. The work extends from the procurement and inspection of raw materials, cooking and roasting meat, seafood, for preparation and serving.

In the job, the main emphasis on craftsmanship and you get very much the opportunity to be creative and create food that is pleasing to the eye.

You will be able to work as sandwiches Virgin, for example. restaurants, sandwich shops, and in kitchens and canteens in all types of institutions.

Both in Denmark and abroad would you like sandwiches virgin be sought, so you probably will not be short of work. There is always demand for skilled employees in the hospitality industry.

To become a sandwich maid you must train yourself to gastronome thesis sandwich maid. The training lasts 3 years and 1 month. 45 weeks of this time schooling. The rest of the time you are training in a restaurant, a delicatessen or a supermarket. Furthermore, you can also choose to use your internship abroad.

You start training on the basic course at UCR, which lasts 20-60 weeks. After the basic course you need to make a training with an internship and at the same you started with the main course.