Actor Training Ophelia

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen Lønnet praktik Artistic Educations 3 year Ingen Ophelia
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships Lønnet praktik
Category Artistic Educations
Duration 3 year
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Ophelia
Actor Training Ophelia

Actor training at Ophelia has a duration of three years and educates you a professional actor. The basic training is a course of one year where the basis of your professional life is laid. Meisner technique optimizes your scenic presence, puts the foundation of your emotional authenticity and leads you into working with text by situational understanding.

1 year

acting Technique

Plays technique is referred to as Meisner technique. There disconnected after a few months to work with texts and scenes. The year will end with a performance that uses the experience of an entire theatrical narrative. 7-8 hours per day. week.

Voice Training

Voice training consists of Roy Hart and Kehler vocal techniques. Per 4 hours. week.

piece Reading

It is also a specific requirement for your actor-related skills that you are able to understand a manuscript from a labor perspective. In order to train this ability is there every week while reading that both gives you a historical sense of what is written for theater and film, and tools to open the text with. Per 2 hours. week.

Physio Drama / Body Training

This training consists of Hara- and Tjechov technology in addition to stage-fight and mask course. Per 4 hours. week.

2 years

Genre-course concentrates on transforming acting technique in working with texts by so forskelig nature as possible. When Meisner technique is mastered, it is vital to progress and gain experience with some of the genres or styles of playwrights expresses itself in. This is just a selection of the options we will throw us over during the year.

Shakespeare - drama champion

How can however grab this old dusty bard himself? Strange language - and then in verse. But there is a huge amount of meat on the bones when you discover what is under clothes - drama as large as mankind.

Farce - Neil Simon, Dario Fo, Moliere, etc.

Farce is a string of situations and people who are really far fetched, but as always stay connected - how thin it may be - to reality. Large expressions and timing - without losing authenticity!

The absurd - Pinter, Beckett, Ionesco and others

The apparent action solving drama where everything happens beneath the words and between the lines. Human destinies are crushed or redeemed by a Well! or a Well! and modern man appears in all its gnarled nudity.

Naturalism - Ibsen, Strindberg, Tjechov, O'Neill

The drama, which in our mind is 'like reality', is also a style - a certain way to tell the world. This classic realism is in many ways the fundamental what style is concerned.

American Realism - Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Sam Shephard, etc.

The modern drama as it developed in the United States in the 20th century, today's immediate author - crucial for the actor's cinematic expression. A must for an actor to know and master.

Today's genre explosion - Lars Norén, line knutzon, Dejan Dukovski Sergei Belbel oma

The present is characterized by almost every play is its own genre. Line knutzon universe differs radically from Lars Norén, which again is something completely different than Jokum Rohde.

3 years

3-year will consist of productions that to the maximum extent stems from the individual student's desire for artistic expression. Want to do Shakespeare, stand-up or perhaps television satire? We organize a course that realizes your dream and where the technical teaching is abutted to support and solve technical theater, vocal and body dramatic challenges that your dreams entails. In addition, attempts are established at least one internship in one of the Copenhagen theaters.

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