Ophelia offers a professional actor training and the only place in Scandinavia teach Ophelia in the American method Meisner technique. The professional actor training at Ophelia has a duration of three years.

Actor training at Ophelia makes use of the famous technique called Meisner technique.

Meisner technique

Meisner technique developed by the American acting teacher Sanford Meisner and Meisner technique used by many major US and international actors. The definition of Meisner technique is short and sweet: "To live truthfully under the imaginary circumstances" On Ophelia, the majority of acting technique be devoted intensive training in Meisner's technique. Then you are as an actor on track to be its role instead of playing it.

Initial training

The basic training at Ophelia items a year and via Meisner technique puts the foundation of your emotional authenticity and leads you into working with text by situational understanding. Initial training includes four modules:

acting Technique
Voice Training
piece Reading
Physio Drama / Body Training


On your second year of actor training is Genre process. Genre-course concentrates on transforming acting technique in working with texts as diverse as possible. When Meisner technique is mastered, it is vital to progress and gain experience with some of the genres or styles of playwrights expresses itself in.

Internship and production

The third and last year of actor training focuses on practical training and production. Third-year will consist of productions that to the maximum extent stems from the individual student's desire for artistic expression. Want to do Shakespeare, stand-up or perhaps television satire? We organize a course that realizes your dream and where the technical teaching is abutted to support and solve technical theater, vocal and body dramatic challenges that your dreams entails.


Anyone can register for the entrance examination. There is no specific age requirements or prerequisites. The test lasts a full day and takes the form of a mini workshop with some of the elements taught in the school. It costs 400, - to participate. For the test, you need to play a piece from a play or a movie of your choice. The only requirement is that the scene must contain the situation, action and character. Your scene should last at least two and a maximum of four minutes. You are provided with a cue offers available if you need suffli or partner. Remember text to your cue provides. Ophelia recommend that you choose a text that you can personally relate to. Remember to bring clothes you can move in.


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