Sharpen your concentration

Sharpen your concentration

Being a student requires a lot of your concentration and attention. Long days full of lectures and tons of professional input, can result in information overload with headaches and fatigue as a result.

Fortunately, concentration and attention something you can train and develop, so you better predisposed to receive information and knowledge in larger quantities. It's about training your mind and thinking to avoid rapid fatigue and easier to absorb knowledge and make the right decisions. One of the tools to train your concentration and attention is called Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about being fully present, while the philosophy of the coach's attention, presence and presence. Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist thought and meditation, and originates from the Indian form of meditation Vipassana which translated means: to see reality as it is. Mindfulness is to be fully present in this very moment. Having all senses open, to be fully aware of all the thoughts, feelings and sensations. Without judgment. Moment by moment. Without taking analytical or critical to what you experience. To practice mindfulness in this manner makes it possible to develop its presence so that the current moment is sensed and accepted exactly as it is, without reservation. Being able to be present in the moment therefore requires that you train your attention through mindfulness, so you do not just automatically migrate away with tank the eternal movement between past and future. In planning, anxiety or worry about the future or nostalgia or brooding over the past.

By training your presence through mindfulness, you become more aware of what takes you away from the present moment and thus also train to get back to the moment. This awareness will open up new opportunities in your life. When you rest in relaxed presence, responding you from a more open and serene place. It becomes easier to make the right decisions, listen and believe in yourself, your intuition and act in accordance with your own flow. You can say that mindfulness is about being present with presence, more than memorizing a set of rules about how it should be done. Do you Mindfulness sounds exciting, then you can read more about Mindfulness here: