Samso Festival - Denmark's friendliest festival

Samso Festival - Denmark's friendliest festival

Samsoe is one of Denmark's most beautiful islands without a bridge. This does also that it is not just an island you drive to and from. Should we Samso might as well stay there for a few nights and if you still come in week 29, then you should visit the compulsory Samso Festival . Since 1989, when Birthe Kjær painted the town red in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix has Samso Festival Association turned its folds on the island.

In 1990, the first festival held and Denmark's friendliest festival, as it was dubbed has existed ever since. Festival site is located close delicious beach and a lovely forest. So you can both go for a walk in the woods or cool off in the water while listening to the coolest music.

Geography and transport

As mentioned located Samsoe festival a little secluded spot in the middle of Denmark, which has its charm. There is water all the way around and therefore you with the ferry to get there. You can reach both from Jutland and Zealand. Festival site is located at Ballen Strandcamping, just north of Ballen city where you arrive by ferry Zealand to the new port. When you arrive at the port Buses and taxi directly to the festival.

Coming from Jutland, so goes the ferry from Hou to Sælvig on the opposite side of the island. From here you can either run across the island in your own car or enjoy the ride in the bus. Since it has been a very popular festival, so it's a good idea to book a ferry ticket in advance so you know whether there is room on the ferry.

Accommodation options:

If you are the type who loves camping and would like to be in the tent at the festival site, so have made a range of accommodation. Again, it is important to book well in advance. It is a small island with limited bedding, so unless you know someone you can live with and will not sleep under the open sky, you have to find an alternative.

Do you tent, then you should be aware that the price for accommodation only covers 12 m2. If you have a large tent does it cost extra per. commenced 12 m2 you buys.

You can also buy you allowed to ask a pavilion up to max 3x3 m. You get a deposit back if you return the entire pavilion to scrap or remove it from the camping area. There cherished nature on the island, so cleanup is a big part of the mentality at the festival.

If you travel by caravan, you need a special ticket. You can see an overview of the ticket prices here.

If you do not have either a tent or caravan, you can also order a Samtelt. A Samtelt is a tunnel tent with room for four people, which is set up in advance when you come. They are united in an area where there are tables and benches for free. With the price you get BT and a breakfast pack all four days.

People with disabilities and children

The situation of disabled people has improved over the years, the festival has become more and more popular. When you buy a handicap ticket gets you both reserved parking space, campsite, own key to the disabled toilet and -Bad. Also, you have the opportunity to take disabled people with. If you have special needs, give to the festival well in advance. Festival site can be very bumpy, so it's not everywhere you can get around.

It is free for children under 13 to participate in the festival with an adult.

Food and drinks

It is always possible to set a penalty fee on the island festival. The stalls are located between the festival site and the campground. It is both food and drink stands, but also stands with merchandise and other goods.

5 tips

- If you do not only come to experience the island festival, but would like to see what else the island has to offer, so you can fine use the campsite at the festival as a starting point for your excursions in those days the festival runs.

- Always remember sunscreen. It's the middle of summer and even done might expect a little, then the island known as one of the sunniest islands we have in the Danish kingdom. There's also a reason that this is where the first potatoes always comes from.

- Samso Festival is a family festival, so bring the kids. Festival site is huge and the island also limits how far you can go. But please write your phone number on the child's wrist, so you can be called by a telephone, if your child has been away.

- Order all in good time, festival tickets, tent, ferry ticket, booths and stalls if you need that kind.

- Remember bathing suits and rubber boots. If the weather permits, you can take a dip right next to the delicious beach. If the weather decides to be brilliant in the wetter sense, then you can go for a walk in the woods with your wellies or walking in the shallows and find stones and seashells.

To become a volunteer

On the very first Samso Festival held in 1990, Samso Festival Association help of 200 workers from Skanderborg festival. Nowadays it like that if you want to become assistant, then you must be a member of the Festival Association. Moreover, there are some rules and instructions that you must meet to be considered. There are annually about 1,600 volunteers that help to create the framework around Samso Festival - the friendliest festival in Denmark.

All it takes to be a volunteer is that you work 21 hours during the festival without pay, or 28 hours during or after the festival. In return you get:

- Free access to the festival with an employee bracelet.

- Free meals in the great assistant restaurant

- Good prices on beer and water in the auxiliary bar

- And you can be allowed to stay in worker camp

When you help as a volunteer, you help to keep alive the island Festivailforening in charge of organizing musical and cultural events on the island.


As a family festival, there are also some music and events aimed directly at children. There is an area called the Games Ministry, where you can find both inflatables and giant ludo and lots of other things you can play with. It is open every day from 12-20, so the kids can get plenty of time to go on playing and maybe find new friends. Meanwhile the adults can enjoy the music together.

For adults or about adults there are also garage, where you can see standup or baton, the first band will open the festival. If you do not have children or just do not have any inhibitions you can also participate in naked race is held every year where you can win tickets to next year's Samso Festival. If you would like to meet new people in a different way one to be the festival center in the nude course you can camp in the single camp, which is a newer initiatives on the island festival.

For the elderly or those who feel it is also a wellness area where you can get a massage for sore muscles.


There are always many actions at festivals with many people. Since it is a family festival on a peaceful island is safety for granted. It fits naturally on each other and many of the volunteers act as security guards. When you're at the festival, you also have responsibility for yourself and your surroundings. Especially at the beach, where the usual 5 bathing guidelines to keep alive. It should however be mentioned that the beach has nothing with the festival to do, which means that you are at your own risk when you are there.