Salon Søndergade

Would you like to visit a beautifully decorated hair salon centrally located in Odense center with a competent team who are ready to give you either a haircut or get your hairstyle freshened up with a color? Then visit Salon Søndergade at the address Søndergade 5B.

The owner of the salon is René Ingildsen, who has worked as a hairdresser for more than 15 years. The salon opened March 1, 2019, when the owner took over the old Frisørhuset and changed the salon's name to Salon Søndergade. However, the owner has chosen to keep some of the things from the old hairdresser, this is among other things their VIP concept. This VIP concept is that men can pay 3100 kroner a year and be cut as often as they like, or half a year for 1650 kroner.

The salon is cozy and stylishly decorated, and you immediately notice that you have entered an extremely professional salon. The salon is a total of 130 square meters and has twelve seats. You have the opportunity in the salons to keep up to date with the latest fashion in the many different magazines, and the talented hairdressers will gladly guide you in the latest trends and techniques.

In Salon Søndergade, they have the city's best team, which makes sure that they are always updated on the latest trends in the hairdressing world, whether it be clips, color or setup. There will always be enough time for you so you are sure to get the best results so you can leave the salon with a smile on your lips and delicious hair. The hairdressers here are proud of their craft, and always go the extra piece it takes for you as a customer to achieve the best result. Here in the salon they make sure to combine your personal style with their competent advice on the latest trends, so you get a hairstyle that falls into your taste and have the latest trends in mind. The salon's team has engaged as well as skilled hairdressers, all of whom have a sense of quality, especially when it comes to your hairstyle. In the salon, therefore, they dare to guarantee that you get a good result here when you step out of the chair, as neither the products, the time nor the craft have compromised.

Everyone is taken into account, and René wants the restaurant to become the entire family's hairdresser. Therefore, there must be room for children, women, men as well as pensioners. The children have taken special care, as there are iPads in the hairdresser that they can sit and play with and remove their attention if they are not adapting to sitting in the hairdressing chair. The service here is top notch and you as a customer are always at the center. During your treatment you will also be offered a cup of coffee for the sweet tooth, if that is something you want.

As a student you get a 15% student discount, which makes it obvious for you as a student to take a walk past Salon Søndergade, where you can get yourself a fresh and new hairstyle. Then you are in the heart of Odense, and want a delicious new hairstyle in a delicious new salon, then they are ready at Salon Søndergade to welcome you!

Student Discounts

You get 15% as a student.


Søndergade 5B, 5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 26 35 95 75

Opening Hours

Mandag: lukket
Tirsdag: 9-17.30 
Onsdag: 9-17.30 
Torsdag kl. 9-19
Fredag kl. 9-17.30 
Lørdag kl. 9-13
Søndag: lukket


Salon Søndergade
Salon Søndergade
Salon Søndergade