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Are you looking for a new hairdresser in Odense? Then it may be that Salon Merci is the place to make your next hairstylist visit. It is important that you feel comfortable with your hairdresser, and you can at Salon Merci in Odense. Here, the cute hairdressers in the salon will be ready to give you a wonderful hairstyle experience. Specifically, you will find the hair salon at Søndergade 20 in the center of Odense.

At Søndergade 20, Heidi and Lena are ready to give your hair the care it needs. It is very individual what the individual customer wants, which is why the hairdressers at Salon Merci are very much in a good dialogue with their clients. Both hairdressers in the salon have many years of experience in the hairdressing industry, which is why they have a good understanding of what different hair needs from care, so you get exactly the hairstyle you dream of.

At Salon Merci you are definitely in safe hands, and the hairdressers in the salon have both a lot of experience with men and women. All you have to think about is to sit back and relax during your treatment. In addition, Heidi and Lena regularly keep up to date with new trends, techniques and trends, which is ultimately only an advantage for you! You meet for hairdressers who are passionate about their work.

As a student, it is not always that there is room in the budget for the very large hairdressing visit, so it can certainly be a big plus if the prices in a hairdressing salon are study friendly. When it comes to Salon Merci awards, most students can join. Here you can get a 15% student discount by clip by showing that a valid student card. It is very much a bonus that most students will be happy about.

All in all, we recommend you take a closer look at Salon Merci if you are looking for a good and study-friendly hairdresser in the city of HC Andersen! Here you will find cute hairdressers with a lot of experience and a cozy atmosphere in the salon, which creates the right framework for a good hairdresser's visit. If you think the salon sounds like something to you, you can read more about Salon Merci and possible treatments on the hairdresser's own website.

Student Discounts

15% student discount on clips!


Søndergade 20, 5000 Odense C

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Telefon: 66 13 57 47


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