Selfish young men are the biggest killer in traffic

Selfish young men are the biggest killer in traffic

The number of dead in traffic equals 1 passenger plane crashing every other day. This clearly explains something about how big a traffic safety issue is and how many people are killed in traffic on a daily basis. This statistic should be declining in the following years, and the policies of the various parties all have attitudes on how to minimize the number of deaths in traffic.

Selfishness is extremely dangerous in traffic
Left-wing traffic spokesman Kristian Lorentzen believes that selfishness and recklessness in traffic by both cyclists and motorists are contributing negatively to these statistics. Kristian Lorentzen is one of the strong forces behind those who want to put an end to this, which he thinks must be done through education and campaigns. He says that young men who deliberately take chances in traffic are the most dangerous. They have a greater tendency to show recklessness in traffic, while at the same time their selfishness is dangerous. Whatever it is about driving a little too strongly, in the affected state with either alcohol or drugs in the blood.

The progress of traffic safety has stopped
Commissioner for Mobility and Transport in the European Union, Matthew Baldwin says that there have been improvements in road safety for many decades. This progress has now stopped, staying at the same level. This must be done to reduce the number of accidents. The EU has tried to create greater road safety, for example with regard to driving license rules and an EU mobility week, where they have focused on cycling and walking. In addition, the EU will work with the implementation of, among other things, auto brakes in all new cars, which will help to create greater safety. One of the ways to improve traffic safety is to use data to find the cause of injury. This could be, for example, that people in Latvia drive without a harness behind the car, and people in the country in Sweden drink alcohol and drive a car. This data should be helpful in finding the cause of the accidents where improvements can be made from there.

Weak road users are the most vulnerable
70-80% of all dead in traffic are "weak road users". These weak road users include children, school patrols as well as older people. Therefore, it is especially the ruthlessness and selfishness of the young men in traffic that is dangerous, as these weak road users are the ones who are most often killed in the traffic accidents. In 2018, there were 25,047 dead in traffic.

Implementation of improvements based on data
Jesper Sølund, DRSC, has used data from the other EU countries to plan and implement the latest improvements. Here, particular attention has been paid to the behavior of the drivers and that they must drive properly in traffic and take into account. Furthermore, more people have to drive on the so-called "low risk" roads as motorways, and to remove "black spots" by means of roundabouts and speed measurement. This way you can avoid people driving too strongly and thereby avoid potential accidents. In addition, 0 - 5 classes in schools and 18 - 25 - year - olds must be educated by means of various programs to make young people more aware of various risks in traffic. This was also one of Kristian Lorentzen's views, as he also believes that education should help to dispel the young men's selfishness and recklessness in traffic. Jesper Sølund explains that the campaigns work, and this is both with regard to the use of harness, the speed of traffic and various distractions when driving a car.

Cyclists are also extremely vulnerable in traffic
Klaus Bondam from the Cyclist Association says it is important to have the holistic approach to the problem. This means that you not only look at the traffic itself, but also look at the environment mixed with traffic. Klaus Bondam emphasizes that the education of children has a positive effect on traffic safety and that he believes this is an important part of Denmark's success in road safety. The children are, among other things, educated with regard to a so-called "bicycle driving license", where the young people are taught to take into account the traffic, and howone is properly orientated in traffic. He believes that cycling is important in terms of mental health and that more focus is needed on cyclists. 39% of Danish households do not own a car, which is why bicycles are often a preferred means of transport for many Danish families. In Copenhagen they have gone from 50 km to 350 km in cycle paths from 1912 to the present, which clearly tells us what percentage of the population cycling around. But it is also important to be extremely careful in traffic when cycling, as here you are also part of the weakest road users who are most exposed. Mette Heering Pontoppidan from Codan emphasizes, among other things, that reflections in traffic are of great importance for safety. When using a reflex, the car list has 10 seconds to respond instead of just 2 seconds when driving at 50 km / h. In Aalborg, the goal for 2040 is that there is no death or serious injury in traffic. It should be easier to cycle and walk around traffic and that no alcohol is involved in the traffic.

This is how most accidents happen
As mentioned earlier, the most vulnerable in traffic are weak road users, which account for as much as 70-80% of all dead in traffic. One of the biggest killers in traffic is those who are selfish and do not take into account their surroundings, which is usually in the form of young guys. This happens, among other things, because they drive too fast, drive with alcohol or drugs in their blood, or because they are distracted while driving. In addition, most accidents happen between cars and bicycles at intersections, where the cars overlook the cyclists. Not only is there selfishness with regard to motorists, but also with regard to cyclists, where it is also extremely dangerous that they do not take into account traffic. Both for their own sake, but also for their surroundings where an inattentive cyclist may be the cause of a traffic accident.

What can I do to be more confident in traffic?
In order to prevent minor accidents in traffic, it is essential that you do what you can to be more secure in traffic. Regardless of whether you are a pedestrian, a cyclist or a motorist, it is important to be aware that you are safe in traffic, both for your own sake and for your fellow man's sake. In general, one of the most important things in traffic is that you are not selfish and only think of yourself. One must take into account his fellow road users and not be too busy in traffic. Observe the different traffic rules, do not be affected when driving and drive while driving. That is, you should not be distracted by, for example, a phone, which is also a major killer in traffic, as this does not pay attention to traffic. As a cyclist, make sure you have proper light and reflectors so the cars can see you. And to the young men who are selfish in traffic: you are the biggest killer if you don't take care. So watch out for you and your fellow road users and be considerate.