How to find the dream job and the perfect workplace

How to find the dream job and the perfect workplace

"It was not as they said ..."

We often hear about employees who have been promised a great workplace after they have clicked on job sites or been on interviews at workplaces around the world. However, many have also been disappointed - reality does not live all the time up to history and to expectations. It is our mission at Great Place to Work® to change these experiences - we are in the world to create good jobs for everyone.


Happiness is not always to work for the company with the greatest prestige, but perhaps closer to finding the workplace that best fits its employees and develops all the people.

Maybe you do not know the good jobs? You do not know where to find them? And you do not know how you're going to work for them? If you read on, I will give some suggestions on what a good workplace is in our optics, where you can find them and how to get there.


Why is it important to find a good workplace at all?

Studies show that an average Danish worker works, which corresponds to 39 years of full-time employment or approximately Eight years of work continuously throughout life. Where do we want that time? The tendency is that we are even looking for and looking for jobs that make sense and where we also find that we actually make a difference - not only in the workplace but also in society in general. Shortly said; We do not want to spend our valuable time just going to work to get a salary - no, we will also find that what we contribute is part of a higher purpose.


Pampered or engaged?

Some call it to be spoiled and blame the new generations in the workplace. I think it's a sign of commitment, while it's an expression of a greater understanding of the world in general. We also see that companies' future employees pay high attention to social responsibility and sustainability. So, in fact, is it not a health sign and a proof that here are some people who are actually here to learn and make an effort? They want businesses with a purpose in addition to making money.


You are even helping to create your workplace

A workplace culture is made up of the people who work there. It also means that everyone has a responsibility to create a good workplace. And it is precisely here that the best jobs excellence, because, not enough, management takes responsibility for creating a good workplace, but the employees also help to fill the limits of everyday life. Confidence, pride and community can not be bought - it must be grown, matched, lived and preserved through our relationships with each other. Therefore, it is not surprising that the best jobs differ from the average workplace in areas such as collaboration, team feeling and the willingness to make extra efforts to get the job done


One of the world's largest investigations?

At Great Place to Work®, we carry out one of the world's largest and most comprehensive studies of trust, pride and community in more than 6,000 jobs globally. And we ask them to actually know something about the individual jobs, namely the employees.

The knowledge we have acquired over the years shows that the jobs where a focus on trust, pride and fellowship goes hand in hand with a strategic focus on creating a good workplace, also the jobs that deliver good financial results have Low sickness absence and low employee turnover.


All jobs can be good jobs

Our studies also show that there are a lot of ways to the good workplace. There is no template, or a golden recipe, but what separates the best jobs from others is a constant development and a search for better ways to be co-operating.

The fact that we have many IT companies on our list of the best jobs around the world is not in our optics that it is only IT jobs that can be good jobs, but rather a sign that this is an industry, Where there are many companies that are at the forefront of development and who actually offer what the future generations in the labor market are looking for. However, we are fortunately also seeing companies from a large number of industries appearing at the top of our annual list of Denmark's Best Workplaces. For example, in the top 5 among large Danish jobs, we find the Beierholm audit company, Scandic, H & M hotel chain, and DHL Express & Aviation transport giant and GLS.

There is a differenceAt work and we are sure that an employee at Beierholm prefers to work with accounts and a DHL employee is more interested in logistics and in the process of getting the packages delivered on time. Nevertheless, they all agree that they work in a workplace that has managed to create the best framework for just them and their colleagues. Created through a focused focus on building trust in the relationships, pride in the work they do and a strong community with their colleagues.


Now, you might think - how do I get to work in such a workplace?

For example, start with:

  • Take time to investigate the workplace reputation before applying. Examine companies on google or go into e.g. or use rating pages and read more about the companies and what makes them good jobs.
  • Take references in your network in the first, second or third sections. Do not be afraid to reach out to people who already work in the company - those who have the best knowledge.
  • See also the vacancies at the best jobs at

Once you've identified the dream job:

  • Spend time on your application! Show how you can make a difference and how you fit the workplace culture. Often, the workplaces find that applicants spend too much on describing qualifications instead of showing how their competencies can be put into play in a given job.
  • Look for unsolicited - many study jobs are occupied before they reach a job advertisement. And yes, of course, there is a gap in working at the best jobs.

We have asked three leaders at the best Danish workplaces about what they are looking for when hiring new employees:

Pia Baagø Skat-Rørdam, Human Resource & Business Development Director at DHL Express:

"We seek a mix of qualifications, personality and potential - and weighting depends on the role. Some roles MUST you be a specialist for already, other roles you can learn, but then you need to match the engagement and tone of the team to a greater extent and be good at learning. Above all, we are looking for employees who are as passionate about having to DHL, as we are already working here. "

Britt Dyg Haun, Deputy Director of Academics' A-Box: "We primarily choose applicants based on professional qualifications, personal skills and our assessment of whether they fit into our culture. We emphasize that applicants can relate to our 5 values ​​that permeate our workplace. Personal experience and integrity are also in focus and it is important that you can match our members and are able to provide extraordinary service as we are a member organization. We also want to have a diverse group of employees with a good and natural spread in age, gender, ethnicity, educational background, competencies, etc., and so we look for whether the candidates match the team they are going to work closely with. Therefore, there is always a colleague from the team for appointment talks. "

Thomas Reidar Andersen, Director of Finance & Administration at UNICEF Denmark: "Working for the world's best cause is not just a job for me. Throughout the last 12 years, it has gotten up in the morning, knowing that I had to go to work and make a difference to the World Children - was a great driving force and inspiration. Working with good colleagues, driven by the same values ​​and passion for our cause, means that we have a community that I have not experienced in other jobs.

When UNICEF Denmark seeks new employees, it is therefore crucial that we can sense a sincere interest in the matter for which we work, but also for the world in which we are moving.

Of course, we also look at professional qualifications and education - and in most cases we ask the candidate to conduct a professional test. That is, preparing a solution, based on a concrete fictional task. This is included in an overall assessment of the candidates. & Rdquo;


Here are also your best advice for your application.

Pia Baagø Skat-Rørdam, Human Resource & Business Development Director at DHL Express: "I would definitely advise applicants to make an application that reflects who they are - and especially if there are not many professional experiences on CV 'One yet. Most companies will pay attention to finding a match for culture and chemistry in the team a new employee is going into, and an application / CV also reflects a personality so make sure you can feel through the paper "


Britt Dyg Haun, Deputy Director of Academics A-Box:

"Do not forget to make a great deal out of your resume - it's the first thing we read when there are a large stack of applications for a job. And here it is about getting all your skills and experiences - even the personal ones, and those you may not even think are relevant to the job. The application itself must be targeted to our workplace. We must feel that you have entered our world and, for example, have skimmed our website, values ​​or anything else relevant. In the application, you must relate to the specific job without going into detail, and remember to focus on what you can add to our business rather than what we can do for you. Finally, you may also want to tell me a little about what you are going to do when you're not at work. "


Thomas Reidar Andersen, Director of Finance & Administration at UNICEF Denmark

"Be sure to make a good and not too long resume. Your CV should preferably be left alone, as the employer is in some situations sitting with this document during the conversation.

Do you have a very long career behind you, so shorten up. The part of the CV that deals with your professional experience. However, recent appointments must demonstrate an unbroken resume without "holes". Please describe the results you have provided in these jobs. What have you contributed to in these positions? Get a good friend to read proofreading - Spelling mistakes or addressed to a crazy employer have very few chances. "


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