Here's how to find the right education

Here's how to find the right education



For most young people, the future may seem bleak. The range of education in Denmark is many, which simply makes the choice harder to make. It is not just the choice of a high school or vocational education that you must take. This is the goal that should be slowly traced back to, as these are the cornerstones of a possible higher education.

Find something that interests you

When making the choice, it is important to think long term. You have to work for many years and therefore it is important that you end up dealing with something that interests you and allows you for development. Do you love in-depth analysis, theories and the school environment in a classroom? Then this is the high school secondary education you should apply for. On the other hand, are you not bookish and love to use your hands? Then a vocational education is something for you. You can start already after 9th grade with an average grade of 02 in Danish and mathematics. A vocational education is an education with pay as it depicts between schooling and business practices.

Explore the possibilities of the future

When choosing education, it is important to explore the possibilities for the future. It is best that you do not educate yourself directly into unemployment. Training with pay and internship gives you a unique opportunity to try the right business life before you have to stand on your own. Job security in vocational education is great, as there is always a need for practitioners in the business world. Whether you want to be a hairdresser, carpenter, blacksmith or something completely fourth, you will have the opportunity during the internship to make a good impression and get a good recommendation for your further job search after graduation.