How to afford shopping as a student at SU

How to afford shopping as a student at SU

It can be difficult to switch from living from home where you do not have to worry about buying for food or paying rent to stay outside of SU. You are used to living in a hurry and so where the food is just served without thinking about how much money it has cost. You have a head over, a nice bed and a good place, without actually knowing what it would cost if you had to pay for it.

When you are a student and only at SU, you can often afford much more than rent, food and other expenses for example. Mobile subscription and fitness. One does not think it is possible to afford to shop clothes, books and things to the home every month, but that's it. You just need to know how to tactically use their money and keep track of their finances.

The first step is therefore to make an overview of your finances, how much you spend on the different, and then see what you have available for shopping. This lets you keep track of how much you get paid in the SU each month. Then you will deduct rent, food budget, mobile subscription and any other expenses from which you know the amount. Then you can see what you have available for shopping and assume this amount.

Sell your used items and afford something new

A good way to get some extra air in your budget is to sell your used items online or through an app on the phone, so you can earn some extra money to afford more shopping. You can sell clothes, shoes, books, home items and much more, depending on which website or app you are using. It is especially the well-known brands and branded clothing that sell well and can give you a little extra for something new. Therefore, consider whether you still need to keep your old, acorned acne studios or whether you want to sell it to someone who's happier for it while making money for a new line.

You can start cleaning all your things - books, furniture, clothes, shoes, bags, electronics, etc. Think about what you're using, what you're not using and if there's something you'd like to use in the future, As you feel the need to save. What you do not use but still bring you nostalgia and have a story with which you can not just throw away, you can save. But what has become old is no longer used and no value for you anymore is a good idea to add to items that you can sell. You may not be able to sell it all right away, but you can choose to leave it for a while until you think it has gone too long and it should just be given away or thrown out. If you do not feel like throwing something out, it can always be recycled.

Apps for sale and purchase of used items:

Tradono is the app that primarily started with the purpose of being able to sell and buy used clothes, shoes and bags, but has since developed into an app where you can buy and sell everything. You can therefore put used furniture, clothes, kitchen utensils, cutlery, electronic items, etc. for sale. You can set a specific price and / or let people bid on what you thank yes or no. You also agree with the buyer whether the shipment is included in the price or not.

Zadaa is a newer app to sell and buy clothes, skin care products, makeup, shoes, bags, and accessories. This means that you can not sell furniture and anything else at Zadaa. In the app, you should fill out information about height, weight, size, pants size, shoe size and bra size, which makes the app targeted to women. However, some of the information, such as weight and bra size, can be hidden from others, so you do not have to share all the information in public. The app is easy to use with an overview of what you sell, what you've saved, and what you've sold. In addition, the goods are shipped with Dao, where the shipment is paid in advance. All you have to do is write a specific number on the package and deliver it at the nearest Dao packet shop so that it will arrive rightfully to the right buyer. This is an easy way to send packages through Zadaa, as you do not have to pay attention to a lot of dissolutionsYsninger, nor should you figure out the price of the shipment.

Websites for sale and purchase of used items:

Trendsales is a website for the purpose of being able to sell and buy used clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. It is usually branded products that hit this page, where you can find a lot of things, at a good and reasonable price. You can buy and sell clothes for women, men and children at Trendsales.

Facebook groups have been created for various purposes, some of which are set up for sale of different items, while others are exclusively for sale of clothes, shoes and bags for women. Facebook groups are not controlled by professionals, so if you want to make sure you do not get cheated, you should instead choose an app like Tradono or Zadaa. In facebook groups, there is no other than seller and buyer to manage the deal, so if misunderstandings arise or you get cheated, nobody will help.

Take advantage of study discounts and sales

Your physical student card can give you a discount - both at hairdressers, restaurants, cafes, shops, etc., but it's hard to know where she is given a study discount. Initially, one can choose to ask for a study discount before buying anything. However, to save your energy on this, you can also choose to use the Studiz app, which serves as an electronic student card and has the same information as the physical one. The electronic student card with Studiz provides both study discounts at selected physical stores, hairdressers, etc., but also on various websites. You are, for example. Always secured 10% study discount for for purchases for over $ 39. However, this does not apply to all brands. You should therefore remember to check which brands the study tax applies to. Studiz makes it possible for students to afford branded goods or more items at the same time.

In addition, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on where there are sales and when. One may choose to wait for the January sale or the summer sale if there is something that you would like to buy but can not afford it immediately. For January sales and summer sales there are often half price or more percentages to save on items that are not in season anymore. You can therefore find many good deals, but you should be aware that you do not just buy to buy. The great sales can be good if you want to invest in a winter coat, a nice dress for a future big party, or maybe a classic cashmere knit. But they are barely good if you buy 2 summer jackets, even if you may have 7 already, especially when you are a student at SU. You can also visit our study section , where you find more than 700 discounts from all over the country.

Save up and buy few expensive things that last forever

If you want to be trendy and at the same time have some durable, delicious items that last from season to season, buying a few items of the best quality may be a good idea. It can therefore be smart to put a symbolic amount aside each month for the item (s) you want to invest in. It can be a bit hard for the economy to save up, and for some even, it does not matter at the start if For example, you save up to a cashmere knit or the perfect blue jeans. Ultimately, however, one will be pleased with the decision to save up to something timeless and delicious in good quality that lasts for several years.

One should invest in timeless items, rather than items that can only be used for one or two seasons because of the design, the colors or the pattern. The timeless items may, for example, be a cashmere knit and blue jeans, but a white shirt, black chelsea boots, a black leather jacket and a trenchcoat for women are among the classics that both ensure the outfit of the day and are almost immortal. Among the men, the classics are also a pair of nice leather men's shoes, which in the long run will always be worth the investment. The nice leather herresko, also called broguEs, wingtips and derbys will also be nicer with time and will save you a lot of money as you do not have to buy other shoes.