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What conditions can we treat?

All ailments caused by malfunctions in and around the musculoskeletal system.


Physiotherapy ...

used to treat, for example. sports injuries, occupational diseases, chronic disability, rehabilitation after herniated or other accidents, general pain, decreased muscle strength or movement, tense muscles, poor body awareness, congenital disorders, neck and lower back pain etc.


used to treat, for example. lumbago, whiplash injury, tennis / golf elbow, frozen shoulder, arthritis, sports injuries, stress, etc.

Chiropractic ...

used to treat bevægeapparats problems, i.e., pain or limitations in all the body's joints and associated muscles, ligaments and joint capsules, disc protrusion, overloads due to incorrect posture, poor posture, sports injuries, trauma (f.eks.trafikuheld), physical strain etc.

Who can be helped?

Age per se is of no importance, except that younger people often come more quickly. Treatment The shape varies, of course, very depending on the individual's particular problem, the age and general condition.


Here you can choose a short briefing about the most common symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders.


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