benefit Højbjerg

Benefit Højbjerg is a medium sized, modern clinic with health club. We are a group of physiotherapists who handles all types of physiotherapy treatments and guides, rehabilitation and prevention.

The clinic

We also provide home treatment for patients who can not come to the clinic. This should be prescribed specifically by your own doctor.

We strive to take all in as soon as possible without further delay. Our secretaries are doing a great job to call patients in for all cancellations, so no time is wasted.

Our gym is open to anyone with the motivation to exercise, whether you've been a patient here or not. Training is offered, however, all patients as part of their treatment.

In the gym taught also teams with special needs. This applies, for example. patients with Parkinson's disease, poor balance or patients with general training needs, lung disease or problems with neck / back. We also offer pre / post-natal team and Pilates.

NB! We start now spring back school up, with the first holddag on 23 January. Hold Start will be announced in the local newspaper, but you are very welcome to also apply directly to the clinic for further information.

Before a participant admitted to the team, he will have a conversation with ene Dorte Hansen or Lene Hornsleth.Ring possible. for an appointment.


Rundhøj Allé 147
8270 Højbjerg

Contact info

Telefon: 8614 9089


Opening Hours

Mandag - Torsdag: kl. 8.00-18.00 
Fredag: 08.00-16.00


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benefit Højbjerg
benefit Højbjerg
benefit Højbjerg
benefit Højbjerg