Roskilde festival

Roskilde festival

One of the oldest and most popular festivals in Denmark's Roskilde festival. The festival draws visitors from all over Europe and even the world. It has long been northern Europe's largest festival with about 80,000 festival guests and up to 32,000 volunteers.

Many of the visitors have a tradition to participate in the festival every year. They meet up with friends and acquaintances and enjoy themselves at the festival. It is therefore a mixture of music and traditions that people take at Roskilde festival. The festival started in 1971, when it was a hub and a haven for the rebellious hippies who wanted to enjoy a good weed and have some good øreguf. It started simply as a small festival on Animal scene over a few days, but soon became a very popular festival. It became so popular that in 1978 bought the iconic Orange Stage. It has since been the symbol of the festival and platform for some of the greatest artists that have appeared in Denmark.


Geography, transport and accommodation:

Roskilde Festival is on Dyrskuepladsen little outside Roskilde not far from the highway. It is therefore quite easy to get to the festival no matter where in the country (or countries) you come from. There are both direct buses, trains from across the country which stops in Roskilde and the festival has also teamed up with car-sharing concept

The festival is built around the animal theater where there are scenes spread around so that you can come and listen to a band playing. In addition there is an equally large space for tents, where people stay all week. Outside space is there room for the people in the caravan and motorcycle can stay overnight.

You have the option of renting a tent, a particular place or a camp where 4 to 8 tents can be joined by a pavilion, so you always have the option to stay with your friends. The advantage of renting a camp is also pavilion protects against sun and rain, so you can sit and enjoy life under it. There are also often many marking their camp with special flag or the like, so you can always find back to "camp" when you come home from a concert and might have got a bit much to drink.

Animal scene is divided into smaller squares and the center of each room is a so-called Agora. This is where the stalls are and you can buy food and drink, take a shower or the like.

In the south of the festival site is located some lakes that are really pleasant to sit, swim in or walk around. Often there is a floating platform in the middle of the one lake where a bar is placed.

environmental awareness

On the whole, there is a very great attention to recycling, environmental and social awareness. The organization behind Roskilde Festival is a nonprofit foundation and association, which since its inception has focused on these areas. The profits from the festival are therefore also donated to humanitarian and cultural purposes. If you really want to make a difference, especially for humanitarian projects around the world there is also the option of buying a ticket containing a donation for these purposes.


People with disabilities and children

Having a disability should not be a barrier to the Roskilde festival. It is also possible to have a personal help for free. However, one must apply for this. All children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Do you have children under 10 can get in for free at the festival as long as they are accompanied by an adult and have their health insurance card. All festival guests will receive a bracelet which you must wear throughout their stay. Do not have a bracelet on you will be kicked out of the festival and receive a fine of approximately 3,500 kr.

Food and drinks

It is possible to buy food and drink at the festival about 80 stalls and supermarket also on-site. Furthermore, there are kitchen facilities so you can make your own food, for example, grill or heat a meal. Cooking is limited to those areas. It is possible to use my credit card in the stalls and grocery store and there are ATM's located in four locations in the square.

If you are allergic to something or you have special preferences for food, p & Scarsing; it should be no problem. Roskilde festival embraces all types of eating habits. There is a description of the contents of the dishes served. 30% of the ingredients are organic.

It is allowed to bring your own water bottle as long as it is not made of glass. This water bottle you can always refill the many water points that are around the square. It is possible to buy beer, wine, soft drinks and other drinks.

Remember that once you have emptied a can or other container with drink, so the festival has made sure that you can get a mortgage for it, so there are empty cans and other trash all over the place on the square.

5 tips

If you are determined Roskilde festival guest, so you know most small quirks that are at the festival. It is not a festival which changes significantly from year to year, so you will always feel safe and welcome. There is always a nice feature first-time festival guests, so for them, the following advice may fall on fertile ground.

- The good old and very popular festival is often very quickly sold out of camps, tents and the like, so if you want to ensure a good seat or a tent that is set up when you come, it's a good idea to book them on the website in advance.

- The same is true for the tickets. There will be some of the biggest names in music and plays Roskilde, so whether you're 16 or 60, then there is a band to suit you and therefore as many others who would like to see them. Buy why the tickets well in advance.

- Remember to take good care of your bracelet. It's your ticket and it is your wildcard to be allowed to be at the festival. If you have it on your wrist you will be thrown out and get a big fine. So REMEMBER IT and beware of it!

- It rains almost always at least one day a year at the Roskilde festival. Take therefore well with a change of clothes and shoes. Wear appropriate footwear that can withstand walking in mud or go barefoot. It is also healthy.

- It's hot when the sun is in the summer. And when you stand and dance at the scene you sweat a lot of liquid. Remember to drink plenty of water. Beer does not in any way up for the lost fluid.

Art and culture

Roskilde festival is much more than music. There are some areas at the festival where you can see artists exhibit their works, graffiti artists who have adorned the walls, and a place where you can do something with your hands.

In addition there is an area with two tepees (Dreamcatchers) called Rising in which all that is large and grows larger is represented. It can be anything from new bands, great thoughts, environment and -samfundsudvikling or feelings.

On Street city can meet the world's best skaters and musicians who find themselves in this genre. For those who dream big dreams there is an area called Dream City. Here you can live out your dream along with other dreamers and create your best memories.


One of the oldest traditions and attractions at Roskilde Festival is naked race. Lots of bare skin, breasts and fluctuating reproductive organs are fighting for first place in an often muddy lane at the festival. It is an attraction without equal, where almost all who have the opportunity for witnessing it, including the media. It is both women and men running. And it's not just for fun and magnificent sight. First prize is a ticket to next year's Roskilde Festival, and a lot of beer. There are prizes for both sexes, so here goes Roskilde front of both equality and liberalism.

Names of the festival:

It is generally a very wide genre of music being played at the Roskilde festival. There is everything from house and hip hop to pop, rock and metal. Some of the names that have played at the Roskilde festival include Paul McCartney, Muse, Mew, Nephew, Saybia, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica, as well as Wiz Khalifa and Emil Stable.

Roskilde is often forgangsfestival to presenting music that is not as well known in Denmark, but who have the potential and soul.

To become a volunteer at Roskilde festival

Is a very coveted position. It is also something that many writes on his resume afterwards. Roskilde festival divide the volunteers into two categories and beats regularly vacancies on their website. There is Roskilde's own volunteers and their partner volunteers.

There are high demands on the volunteers as it is quite a big job to be lifted with so many volunteers who will be working together. But whether you're a guard, standing in the food stands or working in a team coordinator, so you always have the opportunity to hear all the music you like, as long as the guards fit with the music.


The greatest tragedy in Roskilde festival history was when Pearl Jam played in 2000. Nine people lost their lives because there were too many people shoved and pushed from behind and fences in front did not move. Since then, the Roskilde festival devoted much attention to security is top notch. There are first aid stations located in three places at the festival. Here you can get stored insulin or other medicines that require cool conditions.

There is a also a pharmacy where you can buy the most necessary headache pills and condoms for respectively the next day and the night before. Sunscreen and earplugs are also a matter of course since it's the middle of summer and the sun beats strongly and the music playing loudly. However, a policy that music should be an acceptable level so it does not bother the neighbors more than necessary. But some people have more sensitive ears than others, so it is always good to be on the safe side with the earplugs.

If there is a need to contact the police is a police station not far away. Otherwise, the security guards present everywhere at the festival.

Last but not least of course it is not legal to carry or sell drugs. It is possible that in the good old days got himself a little weed to enjoy the music, but you can not. So enjoy the music instead of getting a little dotty on.