Restaurant Rimini

Restaurant Rimini

Restaurant Rimini is a real Italian restaurant on Amagerbrogade, just a stone's throw from Christianshavn and lakes. At Restaurant Rimini you can discover many classic Italian dishes in a very student-friendly prices.

It is both the low price and the high quality of the Italian cuisine that has made Restaurant Rimini popular on Amager and region. A suitable place for students to enjoy an early lunch or a hearty supper, if the refrigerator is empty.

Italian style

The decor at Restaurant Rimini're also reminiscent of true Italian style and comfort. From the ceiling hangs a myriad of bastflasker and the walls are red brick with various art and knick-thing. All tables have red-checked tablecloths, white napkins and service are elegantly arranged. The service at Restaurant Rimini is friendly and the portions are generous. If the weather is and the sun promotion, so it is possible to sit outside and eat an Italian and enjoy a cold beer or glass of white wine. However, it is a tad nicer to sit inside and get the Italian atmosphere under the skin. Should you dine at Rimini on Friday or Saturday, so we recommend that you book well in advance.

The menu

In Italian named starter "Antipasti" and here Restaurant Rimini offer tasty antipasti of Italian cuisine - a selection here:

Carpaccio di manzo - Thin slices of beef tenderloin with olive oil and parmesan
Insalata Caprese - tomatoes with fresh basil and Mozzarella cheese
Olive marinate - Marinede olives
Bruschetta - Hvidløgsflute

Are you for the healthy and delicious green alternative, so called salad "Insalata" in Italian - here Restaurant Rimini blah. following to offer:

Insalata della Casa - house salad with tuna, corn, shrimp and feta cheese
Insalata di pomodori con feta - Tomato salad with feta cheese

But one can hardly say Italy without mentioning pasta and spaghetti. Italy is on any country, so renowned for a specific dish as Italy for pasta - here are Restaurant Rimini not back and offer some solid portions of pasta in a classic style:

Tagliatelle della Casa - Spaghetti with mushrooms, bacon, peas and cream
Spaghetti Carbonara - Spaghetti with eggs and bacon
Penne alla matriciana - Huge spaghetti with bacon and hot sauce
Penne al Salmone - Penne with Salmon

If you like fish (Pesci) or seafood, so has the menu blah. following courts:

Salmone al Estragon - O vnstegt salmon with white wine, tarragon salad and rice
Calamari Romana - Deep-fried squid with salad and two sauces

Staggering in Italy is mainly beef, veal, lamb and chicken. If you order meat in Italy, so it is called "Carni" - Carni at Restaurant Rimini is blah .:

Saltimbocca alla Romana - veal fillet with Parma ham, sage and white wine sauce
Agnello al forno - Leg of lamb with garlic sauce
Filetto dei Professori - Beef tenderloin flambéed in cognac with mushroom sauce
Galletto alla Diavola - Roasted chicken with spices and chili


Are you not hungry enough for a 2-course menu or simply have a quality pizza to the football game in front of the TV, then we can highly recommend a pizza from Restaurant Rimini. You pay the same price as a normal pizzeria, but with Restaurant Rimini taste a pizza just better.

Student Discounts

No, but the prices can not be more student-friendly.


Amagerbrogade 7
2300 København S

Contact info

Telefon: 32 57 28 19

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.00 - 22.00


Restaurant Rimini
Restaurant Rimini
Restaurant Rimini