Rådhuskælderen is a legend in the Odense nightlife, and has laid the premises for unforgettable parties for students and young people.

Rådhuskælderen is incredibly centrally located in the pedestrian zone and directly opposite the Town Hall. Rådhuskælderen usually opens at midnight time and there is always the party from start to finish. Since Rådhuskælderen is flanked by Crazy Chicken (Chinese fast food) and Emils Hot House (pizza, etc.), then most guests reach to get laid scratch. The Town Hall basement is a large room with two separate bars - one for the left and one to the right. At the bottom of the room is the dance floor, and here are always full with partying guests. In the middle of Rådhuskælderen there is seating and the sides are couch rows. In the bar you can order beer, shots, drinks and other "wet" items. It is also generally a good idea to keep an eye on Rådhuskælderens website since Rådhuskælderen often have events and music on the program. Prices are generous and students get value for the sparse SU. Rådhuskælderen in Odense has now also open every Thursday from 24:00 - 07:00.


Vestergade 17
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 66 12 58 08
E-mail: info@raadhus-kaelderen.dk