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City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Folk School Courses
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Education Institution Lifestyle School Gudum

Man is undoubtedly nature's greatest under. In the discipline of psychology we will deal with all facets of human life.

It can be difficult to create a satisfactory balance between work and the rest of life, as an adult today we are confronted more and more with track changes in corporate identity and personal development.
You will be invited on a journey into the human personality where your own experiences is an important part of teaching.

Based on the work and life experience we will with psychology as seek to provide answers to the questions: "Who am I?", "Who are the others?" and "what are we doing here?". We are actually also people with family, lovers, friends and neighbors in a global community.
Personal development is to learn about his life, understand his own time and take an active approach to the situation in which each part.
Self-esteem is a matter of being at the height of the development and not be stalled. It is, therefore, using a broad cultural orientation, to develop their own resources for the organization of their own development.

The program supplies the technical input, after which the participants jointly help each other to relate it to the life that each of us lives.

There will be talked about identity, self-esteem, readiness for change, childhood and adolescence importance to the development of our identity crises and many more everyday items that have a great influence on our choice of lifestyle and quality of life.

In addition, everyone talking about socialization; how we adapt the society and the culture we are born into.
In this context it is also important to discuss and analyze what it is for some norms and values ​​that characterize the society in which we live.
Psychology Teaching should like to result in you being clever in yourself and the others, for that is what it is all about.