process trainer

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen Ingen SU eller løn Professional Courses 7 year Ingen At Work School
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Professional Courses
Duration 7 year
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution At Work School
process trainer

If fitness instructor is not enough for you, but you would like to completely under the skin of those you train and teach them about other things than just to show how they train, so you can training you and get the title Process coach and become even stronger in your field.

The protected title Process coach, is a title you get when you have further educated you on the program as fitness instructor with one of the following superstructures:

- Sports Injury Thesis
- Personal Trainer program
- Certified Running Coach education

When you teach students in fitness as a Process coach can focus on the process they go through. The process affects changes and creates an increase which in turn creates new processes. As the Process Trainer is a protected title, you have the right to use the trademark in all the contexts it might be when you have taken the training. If you start a new business, you can use it on all your business cards and website, and more.

Process Trainer program is an evidence-based education, which is put together by professional physiotherapists and nutritionists. When you have finished training, your future clients to be sure that you have received an education that brings you in front of knowledge about training, nutrition and health.

Job Opportunities

Process coach.