Internship, course or a whole semester study abroad

Internship, course or a whole semester study abroad

Many people think during their education whether it is possible to go abroad in connection with the study. You wonder how and whenever it is possible, and when you read what process it really is, you can quickly become abandonable. There are, for example, some different travel destinations and projects to choose from, depending on which study you are studying. But do not worry that you can not reach the country or city you want to stay in during your study time.

Internship abroad

Internship internships abroad can actually enhance your skills twice as much as if you have a internship in Denmark. Employers like to have practical experience, but it's a bigger bonus if you have even stayed abroad for an extended period of time. A stay abroad shows that you can work independently and dare to take some chances.

EDU is an organization that helps travel abroad in connection with education. They are for example. Ideal to use if you want to get interned abroad. EDU has collaborated with AIC, which enables students to get trained in recognized companies and organizations.

  • The destinations you can choose from are: Boston, Hong Kong, Mumbai, San Francisco, Toronto and New York.

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AIESEC is the world's largest student organization, where you may come into practice. The foundation of the organization is based on the conviction that all young people can help make the world a better place. The internship program is called the Global Internship Program, and provides students and graduates with the opportunity to engage in an intercultural professional internship at top-qualified companies around the world. The primary goal of this program is to develop relevant competencies for the student while delivering relevant candidates who can help develop the company's goals.


  • Duration of internship: Between 6 and 18 months.
  • Paid wages, which cover the cost of living in the country concerned.
  • It takes between 2-7 months to find a internship and complete the selection process for the internship.
  • The application cost costs 2,500 kroner.
  • Flights to that country are typically not included in the price.

There are 16 types of internships with the possibility of everything between marketing and financial management for medicine and engineer.

"I strongly recommend to any young person to take part in Global Internship Program as well as to a company that is looking for high-profile person. It's a trully life-changing experience! "- Aika Yeraliyeva, Kazakhstan
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Courses abroad

Nordkurs offers a variety of summer courses in the Nordic region, with focus on Nordic languages, literature and culture. It is therefore the ideal course for those studying literature, Danish or another language and culture within the Nordic countries. You have the opportunity to come to different places in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Finland. In addition, you receive a small scholarship for transportation and subsistence expenses, but you must make sure to arrange it.

If you wish to attend a specific summer course, which your study offers, you can find information about this under your curriculum or on your studies website. You can also contact your study counselor to hear about the possibilities for summer courses in connection with the study.

EF (Education First) offers language courses in many different languages, countries and cities. It may be a good idea to invest in if you want to strengthen your language skills in connection with your education. That way, you can also get a head start in a future job, where it is advantageous to have specific or more languages. Many Danes are already proficient in English so it may be a good idea to choose a language that you would like to improve. German, French, Chinese and Japanese are especially good if you have to work in the business world, where you work together with great foreignersasian companies. It creates greater trust with any foreign partners if you can communicate correctly in their language. If you can afford it too, and courage to search for legends (on time), you can also take a vacation or a longer foreign stay through the EC where you combine language and academic studies.

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A holiday abroad

Kilroy is known by many, as a travel agency that arranges trips with lots of action and adventure, but in fact, you can also visit abroad through Kilroy. You can also attend several years of college in the United States, a bachelor's degree or a candidate abroad through Kilroy. However, most people choose 'only' a holiday abroad, which is often a possibility for the 5th semester of the university. Kilroy offers free study guidance in regards to taking a vacation abroad, and helps with the application.

  • Studying in countries such as: Vietnam, Australia, Canada, USA, Dubai, England, Japan, China, Singapore, New Zealand

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