Positive Psychology Supervisor

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Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Professional Courses 8 uger Ingen At Work School
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Professional Courses
Duration 8 uger
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution At Work School
Positive Psychology Supervisor

The well-being and prosperity of our lives is not only the physical training and our physical at all, but a very large part of our psyche. Therefore, the positive psychology very important as it can handle the negative feelings and thoughts we walk around with or being foisted by the day. A negative thought can prevent you from completing the plans you have for the day. This also applies if you want to train, but you can not motivate yourself. Here comes the positive psychology in and change your whole way of thinking and affect the way you see yourself, so you reach your goals.

You can use it in daily life, and you can use it to reach a larger goal, which is very far in the future. In addition, you can use positive psychology to prevent disease and create true joy and motivation around you. Not everyone has the same ability to stay motivated to be constantly happy. So it requires a lot of training, and you can get with this course.

The course is conducted as a form of dialogue between the participants and the lecturers. There are also some exercises as you learn. You gain course the best results if you are willing to change your life in a positive direction and not just want to try it to see if it works.
The teachers, on course for Positive Psychology Supervisor, is Psychologists (Cand. Psyk. Or Cand. Pæd. Psyk.) And experienced consultants.

Former students said:

Former student - Thure

Thure have been used to working with sales psychology and coaching, as he is trained in sales and marketing and uses it in his work. Additionally, he has always had a fundamental interest in what underlies human attitudes.
"It has really been a good process, very positive and so inspiring. And I have only positive response relation. Mette Gregersen who has taught me. She is top dollar, super inspiring, always smiling and really good to alternate between the academic, personal experience and case studies, which has certainly helped to provide teaching width. "

Former student - Charlotte Larsen
Charlotte has for many years been aware of what she would do with his life, but was able to change his point of view:
"Instead of a negative focus, we should all talk about it as we want, and not what we want. So many of us are concerned with what we have, what we can and what we are powerless, but why not look at the positive?
The course for Positive Psychology Supervisor has been a confirmation that I pt. is in the process of doing the right thing for myself. The course has helped to push on, so now I have started to read a HF. How one I had never taken and I also do not know if I will ever finish, but the important thing right now is that I include read psychology and social studies, and I think it's really exciting.
The course for Positive Psychology supervisor gave me both the courage to read, but also the desire to know more. "

Former student - Susanne
Susanne graduated as Positive Psychology supervisor from At Work School, and are already using the course in several different contexts.
"On a daily basis I work as a caseworker in Jobcentre Holbaek, where my work is to help the long-term sick back to work. And the course has been found to be extremely good in this respect. Indeed, I use many of the tools that I have been on the course to help our citizens out of their medical history. "

Special admission requirements

The price of the course is only 9,500 kroner.