Popular festivals in Denmark

Popular festivals in Denmark

Music is the soul's voice and gives meaning to life. Without music the world would be a sad place. But music is not just music. There is a difference in taste. Most often, the generation gaps that separate the different music taste. However consists many genres still many decades after the first fans are laid in the ground. The new genres that arise are also based on previous genres, so what caused it to a genre consists? Music puts memories and repetitions of these memories provide a feeling of happiness that most people will not do without. Some of these memories arise like for concerts and festivals.

When it comes to memories, it does not really matter whether you're into rock or opera. Therefore, it is fortunate that there are so many different festivals in Denmark, which caters for all major music genres. Below we have listed some of the various festivals that exist in Denmark and described some of the musical styles they offer.

Although there are many different styles of music, there is also a wide music style in many of the festivals. However, one might parts festivals roughly into three groups, and then have a more or less feel of the genre is dominant.

The three genre categories are:
Rock / Pop, Jazz / Folk and Classical.

There are more than 120 music festivals in Denmark. Some of the festivals is mobile, so they place in several cities either simultaneously or at different dates. These include the Green Concert and Winter Jazz . Festivals are preferably located in the summer, since it is an outdoor event and many places Accommodation is available at a neighboring campsite or field. Festivals are not confined to the big cities, although this might be natural. Some of the biggest and most popular festivals is actually located in and around the towns, which more than doubles their population when the festival is at its highest. Here are some examples Langelandsfestivalen at Rudkøbing, Jelling Music Festival , Rock under the bridge at Middelfart or Tonder Festival .

The major festivals in small towns is of course also started as small festivals that just has proven to be successful because of the popular music they book, the pleasant surroundings and traditions that makes people come back year after year. We have selected a few of the smaller festivals that we describe a little more detail below.


Rock / Popfestivaler:

Jelling Music Festival is located in the heart of Jutland, from where our king reigned in the old days and now lies buried. The festival started in 1989 and has evolved from being a small festival in the country to be one of the largest that can draw really big names. The style ranging from pop and rock as Nik & Jay, DAD, Kim Larsen over to hip hop and blues, among other East Coast Hustlers, BB King, ZZ Top and many other Danish and foreign names. Jelling Music Festival is one of the earliest festivals of the year, as the season starts up. One of the small cozy elements of Jelling Music Festival is the small stalls that you can go and act if there is not just any music you like. If you are a merchant, it may also be just you to get a booth at the festival and sell to the many guests who did not leave the site until the last track is played.


One of the most popular family festivals is on Langeland. It is often considered a vacation destination where just great music in the background, you can hear while you bathe in the Funen Southern Ocean or enjoying the late summer sun with a beer in hand and looking at kids who enjoy themselves.

Langeland festival's logo is a giraffe and there is a play land for children where they can enjoy themselves and socialize with a stick. It's more like an amusement park with music than a festival of events. About 300 volunteers are to care for the children while the parents have some alone time for the big names the festival offers. Once you havepaid for the ticket, then all rides free of charge.

Nearby there is also enough of. If you have your own tent with, then you can rent a caravan or a giraffe tent with room for four people. Festival site is divided into smaller sections where you hold families together in one area and schools and young party guests at the other end of the square.

There are lots of trade and stalls at the festival you can walk around and shop in. Many use the festival site as a base for excursions to, among other Egeskov castle, the Funen Alps and many of the other attractions and sights that are on Langeland.

The music style goes under the category rock / pop, but very focused on Danish artists, as well as some of the bands that are very popular among the children. It is surely the festival has made a name best fast as a 100% family festival.

Rock under the bridge:

On the way to Jutland in the western end of Fyn is the Little Belt Bridge. Here is a little similar festival to Langelandsfestivalen, with not so much focus on children. Rock under the bridge started a few years before Langelandsfestivalen and had ghosts as TV2, Thomas Helmig, Kim Larsen and Gnags. There is also focus on the Danish artists, but there are regularly a major foreign band with too.

The festival is not an overnight festival, as it only held a single day. Therefore, you do not have anything other than your sunglasses, wallet and mobile phone. So you can order a taxi if you want to go downtown and eat or take the bus, which beats the road past the festival site. A good little advice if you do not want to queue for food stands or the crowded restaurants in Middelfart, is that you can drive to Fredericia, just on the other side of the belt.

If you would like to be a volunteer you can save the fare and get access to the entire festival site and assistant area. In addition, you also get meals. If you are in a club and I want to help out at the festival can not be free, but in return you get money together box for each assistant you offer.

Haze of Haarum:

If you come out to the North Sea for the summer, way out there where the Limfjord flows into the North Sea, so you can really enjoy the fresh air and summer sun together with the charm and feel of Haze festival . Haze festival has existed since 1980, when it was just a handful of local bands that played for a small audience of people.

When the popular West Jutland festival is at its highest, rising population in Harboøre, as the festival is on till the 3 double. It is mostly Danish bands playing on Haze and genre are mostly wide, like the audience also covers a wide scale from young to old. There are both the latest new pop and dance as Kato and Djämes Braun and the good old-fashioned Danish artists such as Lis Sørensen and Lars Lilholt.

The name Haze of Haarum occurred during his time as the festival took place at Haarum Harbour, which easily becomes foggy and hazy. There are now about 600 people working voluntarily with the festival, which is the largest cultural event in the area.

You can stay overnight at a nearby campsite and if you do not have your own caravan, you can rent a set up tent or a fish shack including breakfast tickets and beer cans. Children up to 12 years admitted free accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

Jazz / Folk festivals:

Tonder Festival:

If you drive a little further south and stops a few kilometers to the German border, then hits you right into the Tonder Festival. It is also one of the festivals that have become so popular that the population is growing tremendously and it is a good idea for the local hoard a little in the shops before people come to escape the goods are sold. On the other hand it is quite good for the hospitality industry.

Barrels festival is also one of the oldest festivals in Denmark. It has existed since 1974 when it was just a bunch of young people who had arranged a feast that lasted for 3 days, which was played and sung ballads. The style is therefore more people-like than many of the other festivals offer. It also means that you can find many kunstnere here, you will not find at other festivals.

Tonder Festival takes place in late August and is one of the last festivals you can take to before the fall puts outdoor music dormant. The timing was set in the dawn when it helped when the other festivals were held, so there was no overlap.

Winter Jazz:

Winter Jazz arranged by Copenhagen Jazz Festival Foundation, which also stands for Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Winter Jazz started in 2001 and takes place in February. It is a nationwide event, which takes place at more than 100 venues, where over 400 concerts taking place. It is probably the largest of its kind in Denmark, if not in the North. It is needed with a music event of the kind in the cold time when warm tones flows completely out of the toes and inspires the pin with his feet. Winter Jazz festival is international, making it possible to watch international musical guests perform many places in the country where they normally would not occur.

The target audience is predominantly in the older end, but it is a reasonably broad audience of approximately 1/3 of the visitors to jazz clubs, where the event is being held under 35 years. Denmark has nurtured many famous jazz legends like Niels Henning Oersted Pedersen, Chris Minh Doky, Alex Riel, Mik Schack and Finn Ziegler. Therefore Denmark is quite famous in jazz genre and there will be many music tourists in this context.

If you would like to see a full list of all the festivals that exist in Denmark, you can find them here on the website of VisitDenmark .