Policy in practice

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Policy in practice

Did you love social studies? And have you always wanted to have more influence on politics in Denmark or how we organize our societies in the world in the future? So try to take education policy in practice. It prepares you to test your skills in the art.

With plenty of guest lecturers from relevant political media, parliaments, etc., you have the opportunity to get input from many different angles and get an overview of the world situation and create your own opinions. You can then along with the rest of the team and local organizations come out in reality and try out concrete projects.

One thing is to understand how politics works quite formally, as you learn in social studies. It is quite another matter to form his own opinion, act on it, thereby affecting how society develops.

Specifically, you will become acquainted with some tools to develop your own policy in practice. And maybe - who knows - you will form your own party someday?

On the line "policy in practice - attitude and action" you can immerse yourself in and get an understanding of various current political issues - locally, nationally and internationally.

Jyderup University focuses on the themes: "Working life and labor" and "Climate and Sustainability". Here you will get knowledge of how the political system works in a lively manner, and not from boring books.

Guest teachers and lecturers

  • Hans Mortensen (Journalist at Weekend newspaper)
  • Jens Peter Bonde (Former Member of Europarlementet MEP)
  • Poul Smith (Political Advisor to the EU in Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  • Lisbeth Kirk (Editor for EU observer)
  • Helle Schøler Kjaer (Head of Press for Dialogue Institute in Egypt)
  • Peter Bjerregaard (policy adviser in the EU parliament)
  • Knud Vilby (Ex. Chief editor of information and Chairman of Jyderup College Board)
  • His Kornø (Associate CBS)
  • Elisabeth Swan (Political editor of Funen Amtsavis)
  • Trine Pertou Mach
  • Bjorn Hansen (Head of Training Cevea)
  • Rasmus Helveg (MF Radical)
  • Jens Rhode (MF Venste)
  • Georg Metz (Journalist and writer)


One of the teachers is Nana Gerstrøm Alsted - a sociologist from the University of Copenhagen. Nana is the coordinator of the 'Policy in Practice.' have questions about the course, you are always welcome to contact Nana on: nana@jyderuphojskole.dk or tel .: 5190 6881

The other teacher is Poul-Henrik Jensen, who has a diploma in journalism. He has worked in the trade unions, politics, etc. and have a college background behind him as superintendent.



1,400 kr. Per. week with food, accommodation and education.
1,000 kr. Per. week as a day student without room and board.

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