Jyderup School

Jyderup School

Jyderup College is a small college culture in beautiful surroundings, where you are constantly being challenged on your worldview and your professionalism in the tension between music, politics and art. You will be part of a unique community, where no two days are alike, and where you as a student is to shape your stay.

When you are a student at Jyderup University is not only high school student, you also live in the midst of a cultural center where the current offers guests inside for concerts, debates, lectures and festivals.

At Jyderup School, they want to connect contemplation with timeliness, country, city, thinking with perception and being in the world to take part in the world. Here it is about to make an effort, geek through, having time to think and to feel where your feet are planted and could be reaching for the stars. At Jyderup University you are not the same when you walk out the door as when you went in.

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With many exciting line courses you will find yourself in the tension between art, politics and music. Jyderup want both the students immerse themselves in their major subject and raises her eyes and relate to the outside world.

Jyderup Subjects taught:

Besides the main courses offer a variety of election and joint classes among others .: Out in nature, interaction, literature, culture / cultural management and Danish for foreigners and joint classes with topics such as communication, creativity, innovation, guidance and personal development.

Jyderup School is without doubt an interesting choice, because who wants to expand the horizons and get an experience of a lifetime!


Sølystvej 2
4450 Jyderup



Electronic music

Policy in practice

Songwriting, narration, text and poetry


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Jyderup School
Jyderup School
Jyderup School
Jyderup School