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City Denmark
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Education Institution Egå Folk High School

Society Discussions to take off? This is where you can try out your opinions!

Politics is one of the most fundamental in a society, and that is what we are building our democracy. We are all different and have different views, but together we are in democracy, which is controlled by politicians that we have chosen.

You may want you to become a politician one day and then it's good to know the background of our operating system and our policy so that you are not on the scratch on the day you must be interviewed by a journalist.

You will be working with the European political philosophy and to think about why we have a society. Discussion is paramount, both in small and slightly larger groups and the larger community.

From caveman to world citizen called the course too. We begin with the Folketing parties and look closely at their positions. Every day we monitor the media and discuss the topical issues.

Policy is to have your finger on the pulse and understanding of the big picture. It is also a good preparation for many programs.

Will you be a politician one day, it is important to have a good network, start just today by providing contacts and share your views on the social media, and see who follows you.

During the course there is also a study that goes to Berlin and sometimes participates also in Folkemødet.

Regardless of your political persuasion, if you already have one, then this course will be very effective for you.


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