Pilot - PPL (A)

City Student Scholarships Category Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark, Aalborg Ingen SU eller løn Professional Courses Ingen Learn to Fly
City Denmark, Aalborg
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Professional Courses
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Learn to Fly
Pilot - PPL (A)

You have a dream of becoming a pilot. You know it costs the tip of a jet fighter to be, but it will not keep you back to search in. Now you have saved up money and would like to have wings. So it is in Learn to Fly you need to search in.

In Learn to Fly, you get a training pilot certified and approved by the Transport Authority and that you can use from day one when you graduate.

You will learn all about aviation law, navigation and meteorology, as well as the principles of flight, all of which have great influence on how you move around in the air. You also learn how to plan your routes, the operational procedures and the most basic and general knowledge of the aircraft.

The theory for the private pilot license PPL (A), lasts 20 hours and includes the above. You can take some of it home and some of it at school. This way you can easily have a job next and continue to make money for your flight hours. You can always buy more hours with an instructor if you feel it is necessary, but the 20 theory hours, the required package has been determined by the Public Transport Authority.

The practical part of the training requires a minimum of 45 hours of flight training, then you need to Skilltest with an approved supervisor from the school. Skilltesten costs 4,900 kr., Which also covers the cost of an inspector. The training takes place in Aalborg Airport.

Learn to Fly also has a procedure trainer that you as a student are free to use. It gives you no extra hours you can write in your logbook, but the training you get is very useful in terms you can easily get through the expensive flight hours without too many mistakes.

Please contact the school to find out more about the program here. Remember to say you've seen a post on the Student Guide.

After taking PPL (A) training you can continue to train you to Commercial Pilot Licence, CPL (A) or commercial pilot. If you are more the adventurous type, you can also get a course with aerobatic flight, where you learn to spin, roll and loop the plane.

The aircraft trained pilots at Learn to Fly include Falcon7x, Phenom300, DHC-8 Q400, Cessna Caravan C208B and ATR42 / 72, which also use simulators in Dublin and Amsterdam. Basically it is the Diamond DA40 and DA42 Diamond flown in.

There settled after Hoobs / tachometer in DA40 and after block times in DA42.

Job Opportunities

With a PPL (A) you can become a private pilot. You can retrain and become Commerciel pilot or commercial pilot.