Peters Driving School

Peters Driving School

Take your driver's license quickly and cheaply at Peters Driving School, where quality and serious teaching is the concept!

Peters driving school in Odense has what it takes to get you safely and cheaply forward to a driver's license. As one of Denmark's fastest with a customized license you are in safe hands when you choose to take your driver's license at Peters Driving School.


Peters Driving School is located on Palnatokesvej 9, 5000 Odense C ( see on Google Street View ), and is one of the oldest existing driving schools in Odense. Peters Driving School strives for personal and educational training both in theory hours and driving hours. It also must be fun to be a run briskly. Peters Driving School attaches great importance to quality, fun and humorous teaching, and unity in the driving school is large.

Driver's license in 14 days

At Peters Driving School, it is possible to obtain a driving license in just 14 days of instruction, making it one of the country's fastest driving schools. Teaching is very concentrated and I prepare you in the short time to the crucial tests of Police. With Luxus license you pay for 14 teaching days + 2,000 kr, then you tilgengæld ready for your theory test in only 10 days and can take your driving test after 14 days. So you will avoid waiting for many months to get your driver's license, then you should choose Peters Driving School and get started quickly using your new license!

Normal teaching ... only 10,300 kr. Luxus Turbo ... only 2.000 kr. Medical certificate ... approx. 3-400 kr. First aid course ... approx. 430 kr. Fee for Police ... approx. 580 kr.

TOTAL ................................... only kr. 13,600 kr.


Peters Driving School are at your disposal for further information should you need it in the following:

Phone: 40 45 33 60
Licences in a hurry - contact Peters driving school - that's clear ...


Palnatokesvej 9
5000 Odense C.

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