Olsen's Traffic School

Olsen's Traffic School

Olsen's Traffic School has existed for more than 14 years in Bellinge and Dalum and has since run school start had the objective to provide its students quality instruction in all phases of the training.

Martin Olsen is the owner of Olsen's Traffic School and has more than 12 years made sure that young and old could get the necessary theoretical and practical experience in order to pass the various tests.

Martin is not only trained driving instructor but also a trained auto mechanic, it means that he has a unique insight into how a car works and what we as students should pay special attention to, in the technical field.

The teaching is based on his many years as a mechanic and not least many years of experience driving instructor profession. You will gain a theoretical understanding of how a car works and why it reacts the way it does, also will gain technical driving skills that make you a safe driver on the roads.

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For Martin, it is important that you take both theory and driving lessons seriously, and you arrive well prepared. That being said, there is always time for fun and good times - it should not be boring to take a driving license, but an experience of a lifetime!

90% of all accidents happen due. Of human error, and only 10% are technically oriented. It places great demands on the individual driver and it will be subject to incredibly very keen on Olsen's Traffic School. This makes Martin constantly making sure you are constantly better and better, so you eventually can lead a car 100% safe, and know what you need to run if events occur that may affect the safety of yourself and others.

Therefore, there is always a focus on the individual student and his skills. The course is then tailored to match the specific needs you may have in your progress.

You can see a small selection from the many happy students:

Lark Liv Larsen:
5 star! Great good driving instructor!
Appreciate you really into things and does not stop until he's sure you understand it! Highly recommended!

Kirsten Marschall:
5 star! Serious and good driving instructor who knows how to teach and super flexible! Martin is highly recommended for all ages ... will definitely miss our driving lessons.

Studenterguiden.dk only to find the like. good reviews online, and there is no doubt that you, as a student of Olsen's Traffic School are guaranteed a safe and experienced driving school teacher! We can highly recommend Olsen's Traffic School!

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Bellingevej 90
5250 Odense SV

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Telefon: 26 70 72 71
E-mail: olsen147@live.dk


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Olsen's Traffic School
Olsen's Traffic School
Olsen's Traffic School