Odense Paintball

Odense Paintball

Odense Paintball has organized paintball since 1988 and are experts in the field. So you are guaranteed a fantastic experience that pumps adrenaline and makes you sweat.

Odense Paintball also offers laser game, mega table football, bungee challenge, sumo wrestling, Reball and target shooting. Odense Paintballs very skilled and experienced instructors always make sure to give you a thorough instruction on the safety of paintball and how the equipment is used.


Paintball is an exciting and adrenaline filled activity where one combines a wonderful nature and a fun day with friends / colleagues. Paintball is played in teams where it briefly goes out on, to eliminate opponents and conquer their flag.


Odense Paintball has 3 lanes available, an open circuit where there really will speed ahead, and a combi-rail, where you have the ability to sneak around in the scrub or play in open terrain, as well as a by-lane, 11 houses and many other hiding.


At Odense Paintball will have you lived out the following equipment when you need to play:
To protect your clothes from dirt and paint, it can be enough to enter the game for themselves in the fight heat. But fear not, the paint is water based.
To protect the face, you must never take your mask when you are out on the pitch. It is there to protect your teeth and eyes.
Paintball Marker:
The cursor is operated by compressed air and can slide about 50 meters. Throughout the event there will be opportunity to fill new air in the tank if it runs out.

What does it cost?

A paintball event lasts 2 hours. It is incl. clothes-changing and payment. The price is only 195, - kr. Per. person and this includes. 200 bullets.

Student Discounts

We point out that in Denmark you must be 16 years old to play paintball and reball.


Bladstrupvej 243
5270 Odense N

Contact info

Telefon: 66 18 87 37 eller 40 44 58 79
E-mail: info@odensepaintball.dk


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