Odense Marzipan

Odense Marzipan

Odense Marzipan employs about 160 employees and has an annual turnover of approximately 350 million. kr.

-Odense Marzipan has a turnover of approximately 350 million. kr.

-There Employed approximately 160 employees

-the Has a capacity of about 20,000 tons of marzipan

-Odense Marzipan is one of the world's leading marzipan manufacturers
Odense Marzipan is the market leader in Scandinavia and the consumer, the baker and the industry's preferred supplier

-Udover Marzipan, produced and marketed a range of nougat, chocolate, nuts and almonds

-They Are represented in most parts of the world, since they have a high export share. About 60% of production is exported mainly to -Nordeuropa / Scandinavia, but also to distant countries like Japan, USA, China, -Russia and Australia

- They are owned by ORKLA, and forms part of ORKLA BRANDS during ORKLA Food Ingredients
- They are BRC certified

Products are marketed under the famous ODENSE brand and marketed to bakeries / pastry shops, retail and catering sector

-Ligeledes There is a greater sales for cake and confectionery manufacturers who use marzipan in some of their products


Lauritz Thobo-Carlsen, accountant, buy a small marzipan factory in Queen Street in Odense. Customers are bakers and confectioners, who spend much marzipan, which they produce from time to time. His concept is consistent, fresh marzipan, industrially produced - nonetheless purposes is ran up and crushing the almonds in large bedrock mortars for many years by hand. The next 30 years expands Odense Marcipanfabrik constantly. There are machines, and logic adapted production lines. Finsorteringen take place, however - just like today - with the human eye.

The marzipan factory begins to issue new recipes to confectioners and bakers. Many of the past 70 years Pastry derived therefrom, including the most popular and longest living Danish tørkage, Napoleon hat.

New factory in Toldbodgade in Odense, with test bakery and laboratory. The marzipan factory begins exporting. Manufactured 100 different qualities, from the finest marzipan mass of only almonds bitter mass which consists of apricot kernels. The factory starts producing nougat, which is made from hazelnuts. Moreover processed chopped nuts, almonds, etc. for bakers and pastry industry.

Appointment purveyor to the court.

Experience with nut products leads to snack production, and in 1963 launched salted peanuts under the name of Kim's. Marzipan factory quickly becomes Denmark's largest snack producer.

Odense Marcipanfabrik taken over by the Norwegian food group ORKLA. Odense Marcipanfabrik and Kim split into two companies.

Odense Marcipanfabrik renamed Odense Marzipan A / S.

The production of nougat and nut products moved from KIMS in Søndersø to Odense, and the entire production is now gathered in one place. Odense Marzipan achieves ISO 9001 certification.

ORKLA buys the Swedish marzipan manufacturer KÅKÅ AB with two marzipan plants and a wholesaler company Malt Services. Odense Marzipan given responsibility for marzipan production, which gather in Odense.

The following year the factory a major expansion, and is now one of the largest marzipan manufacturers.

Odense Marzipan buy Bæchs Conditori at Hobro.

Odense Marzipan wins Food Industry Award for Best Cooperation.

Odense Marzipan buy Marcia Industri A / S and in September achieves Odense Marzipan BRC certification.
That same year crowned Odense Marzipan to Superbrands Business to Business.


Odense Marzipan expands shop where individuals have the opportunity to buy materials and marzipan mixtures previously only been sold to confectioners. Check Odense Marcipans shop out hereucg1-ZT & m = hiU6fAIvuIcLfJpaxe76EVhs2SolsCMpafb479J7_WY & s = jQrN_rU2bBGZIei5w2-aEYZ7zdeqtmgdYMVto3XKhz4 & e = ">.


Toldbodgade 9-19
5000 Odense C

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Telefon: 63117200

E-mail: odense-marcipan@odense-marcipan.dk


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