Odense Handball Club 1977

The Odense Handball Club has a number of years on the bag. The Handball Club was founded in 1977 by an association of the handball department of the FREM sports club and the handball club AIK

Today, the Odense Handball Club of 1977, also known as OH77, is an independent handball club in Odense. The OH77 club is located in Odense on the border between Odense M and Odense SØ. You will find the club located near Rosengårdscenter, Bilka, IKEA and the University of Southern Denmark.
The location means that some students, and not least former students, choose to play at the Odense Handball Club of 1977. Together with the regular tribe of "old" members, the handball club describes itself as a brutal flock, meeting in the club's premises at the Rosengårds school hall. There are both senior and youth teams to sign up for. So no matter who you are, there is ample opportunity to sign up for a team.
The fact that the club is independent means that OH77 has chosen not to participate in HC Odense's elite superstructure, and what otherwise binds to the teams in the clubs.
OH77 strives to make the meeting high. This is not only applicable to the individual teams, but also across the different teams. There is therefore room for players of all levels. The club is not least good at shaking people together. This is done through the activities organized every year, ensuring that everyone is better acquainted with each other. The events are, for example, communal eating and Christmas cheer.


Stærmosegårdsvej 51, 5230 Odense M

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