Odense Handball

Are you a handball player with great passion and may want to become an elite handball player? Then Odense Handball is something for you. Odense Handbold is an elite handball club located in Odense. The club was established in 2008 and has since played in the Primo Tours League. The organization is well-trained, professional and well-educated, and therefore they work extra hard to create top quality handball, and especially top entertainment at Funen.

The organization wishes to be one of the best handball communities. They want to be known to have one of the country's best development environments in young Danish talents. For the same reason, they strive to make sure that there is a red thread from their Talent Center to their league team.

HC Odenses Talent Center has targeted talented work with more than 14 odensean handball clubs. There are about 2300 members in all clubs. The clubs are called mother clubs because they own the talent center and each has a representative in the board of directors.
The mission of Odense Handball is to be the whole of Fyn's female violence: an elite handball club that provides good experiences, has a good fellowship, good network, great will and go-to-head.
The mutual strong partnership with the business community, the handball audience and the handball backpack in Fyn ensures that Odense Handball is confirmed in the top third of the Dame Handbold League.


Odin Havnepark Lumbyvej 11 - Indgang C, 5000 Odense C

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E-mail: me@odensehaandbold.dk


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