Odense Thrashers BGIF

Odense Thrashers BGIF

Would you like to try football, and at the same time want a place with good atmosphere and good fellowship, then Odense Thrashers instead.

They Funen's biggest club with several departments within American fodbold.De have U12, U14, U16, Senior tackle and flag football. In other words, something for everyone.

They have a skilled trainer team as each doing its best to develop the players sporting, and of course provide good training conditions. They are like club known "Football Denmark" as a club with an incredibly good team, where it is easy to get good new acquaintances as they develop more talents in the sport, and always has a positive approach to new players.

Would you like a sport with plenty of challenges, so drop by the website or stop by for a workout. Remember to bring practical clothes and shoes, so they make sure equipment for you.

All are welcome, both girls and boys from 10 years upwards.


Falen 95, 5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 27441216

E-mail: sponsorchef.thrashers@gmail.com


Opening Hours

Senior Tackle: Tirsdag og Torsdag 19-21
Ungdom Tackle: Onsdag 17-19
Flag Football: Torsdag 19-21


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