New in town

New in town

Here you can get help if you need or have just moved to a new city to start an education.

When the decision is taken, the acknowledgment education instead is sent off, it is important to get the economy in place. In Denmark, it means that you have to hurry to get a handle on your SU. You can do this on . Here you will find such answers to all your questions, and not least, you can search the regular su and seek su loan if you find it necessary. When the economy is in order, begin the work to find a home for real.

Not everyone has the opportunity to live at home but need to leave home. Many students choose to search a dorm. Obviously varying size, facilities and location very towns from. Therefore it is important to be aware of what type of room you are looking for. The three largest study cities, respectively, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense have happily all a comprehensive portal with colleges.

In Aarhus you can thus easily search Kollegie8000, where you can find bathing student housing and youth. (The difference is that, student housing does not require that the young are training as a student residence does.)

In and around Copenhagen you can search student housing and youth at the accommodation office .

And Odense is the page Study Housing Odense. Not least, you can if it is not college that draws, find rental housing across the country on .

Whichever city you are moving to, you can always find a variety of apartments, rooms, and potential parents are investing in our large student housing section .

Many students are not aware that in some homes is the opportunity to receive a grant for the rent - in the form of rent subsidies , so hurry up and read more if you're one of the lucky ones. But if you have found the perfect room, situated just a little outside the city, or you find it difficult to travel from mother and father, it is a good idea to investigate transport options to and from the educational institution. Many students know DSB Wildcard there is a real bargain. Here you can save up to 50% on the price and as something reletivt new, you can drive as far as you want on a "folding seat space" for just 69 kr. Read more about all the benefits of DSBs website.

To find help getting around in Odense, you must enter Fynbus website where you can see timetables, and oversight of various discounts and tickets.

To read more about the bus network in Aarhus you must enter Midttrafik website .

For Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand you must enter Movia Trafik website .

But when you now have secured student place, shelter and transportation to and from the studio, it's time to concentrate on your studies! As one of the first on the study, you get a reading list.

It is usually long, and can easily be an expensive game. So why not buy the books used? Here at you can buy used textbooks that are put up for sale by other students, and there are now more than 6,000 Course titles for sale.

Of course you can also put your own used textbooks free for sale here. But if you are not lucky enough to find the book you're looking for, there are many opportunities online to buy your books. is probably one of the largest literary pages, and also they have here a discount for students. Furthermore, you can compare book prices "target =" _ blank "> and can be forwarded to various retailers.

But online you can download and use various utilities that can be of great help in the study. Thus, you can for free download encyclopedia Dixio that helps to translate from different languages. Online you can also always look up words in The Great Danish , as well as the well-known Wikipedia . Not least, the institution's library often offer access to various databases for their members and enrolled students.