Nørre Åby School

Nørre Åby School

The most important thing when choosing your boarding school is that you come out and feel the mood, schools are very different! We will briefly describe how we are different from other schools in Denmark.

You have only two academic subjects each week, it ensures that you learn the most. It also makes it possible for teachers to plan some courses within each subject, so they do not extend over many weeks or months. We offer seven different electives / lines.

It seems we are fat, so there are many different kinds of people and many opportunities to try something new. You can change the line four to six times a year.

People evolve throughout life and especially in a boarding school. You can try four to six different things or the same all year. It's up to you! You have two different main subjects every week.

Our kitchen manager Benthe makes good food! We offer you to set records in total. Many of our records is actually world records (mostly because they are a little crazy). We have Denmark's best for students!

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Olaf Nielsensvej 7
5580 Nørre Åby

Contact info

Kontor: 64 42 11 21

Mobil: 29 66 37 34

E-mail: naae@naae.dk



Nørre Åby School
Nørre Åby School
Nørre Åby School
Nørre Åby School