Næsby Driving School

Næsby Driving School

Næsby Driving School is a relatively new driving school in Odense, where the focus is on teaching quality, low failure rate and quick passing the theory test and driving test. Moreover, the price of a license very student friendly - only 9.900 kr.

At Næsby Driving you as a student is not left to a tutorial in front of a PC - driving instructor, Bent Conradsen, attaches great importance to the personal lessons that show the best results when students understand the theory and pass all the tests. All teams will be made up, so you always start with the same classmates and go to the samples with the same students. That way you have the opportunity to read the fabric together in groups and thus prepare for the tests. Sign up here


You can take license from Næsby Driving on a 4 week course and thus get your new license after only a month of training. The price is only 9,900 kr., But only for a limited time, so hurry to sign up at Næsby Driving School! The 4-week course has theoretical lessons every Tuesday and Thursday from. 18:00. Tuition includes:

- Package for category B car includes; 52 lessons divided into; unlimited theory, but at least 28 lessons, 4 lessons on the maneuvering lane, 16 lessons on the way, and 4 lessons on road safety center.

Køreskolen provide transportation to and from the maneuvering lane and road safety center, and training materials.

Opening offers kr. 9.900 kr.
- Not included in the legislative package are; First aid course about 500 kr., Medical approximately 400/600 kr., Sample fee 580kr., And the hiring of school vehicle for the driving test 450 kr.

Extra driving lessons each. 400 kr. Sign up here


Rugårdsvej 193
5210 Odense NV

Contact info

Telefon: 26 130 230



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Næsby Driving School
Næsby Driving School
Næsby Driving School
Næsby Driving School