When education becomes job

When education becomes job

A computer bag with personality - home crocheted of surplus materials from the textile industry. It is colorful and it is unique. And it is made of chaos pilot Rikke Maagaard Olesen and for sale in various design and fashion boutiques in Aarhus and Copenhagen. Rikke company MaaMaa Design, started while her education ended. Business concept was the main part of her graduating after three years of training with the Chaos Pilots in Aarhus.

KaosPilot program is a three-year training in creative entrepreneurship. Well and feel not only the kind of entrepreneurship that leads to a business but also in a broader sense. KaosPilots coach the students to start new initiatives and implement them in life. The students not only read about entrepreneurship, but are constantly being trained to create, achieve and create something. And it's up to the individual to determine what. For an important part of the driving force is that the students work with what they are passionate about - what motivates them.

Rikke Maagaard Olesen were interested in textile design even before she started as chaos pilot students in 2009:

- I always knew that I would go design road. So for me it was important to challenge myself and experiment while I went to school. And through the study, there was ample opportunity to meet a lot of different industries and types. And it's really cool to KaosPilots settles very up a design mindset where you test and make prototypes to try things in practice, she explains.

An important part of chaos pilot program is a bridge to the labor market. Already from day one of is project collaboration both with "real world" outside the school's walls. The program emphasizes project periods loud - this is where each student has the opportunity to test the theory in practice. It takes place on the way to the students, either in groups or individually, find a client who is interested in having performed a specific task or project. The students cooperate both with clients in the public and private sectors. The most important thing is that both parties agree on a meaningful project that the student can try out for the benefit of the client. In this way everyone involved from the collaboration and the students will have a broad network in the labor thrown in. A network, which is a great advantage when after graduation are about to start a career.

So with a chaos pilot training in luggage has a good chance of getting a job, even as a graduate. Unemployment for chaos pilots is low - about 4% including graduates - and about 33% start their own business.

Rikke Maagaard Olesen started his own business as part of her graduation from KaosPilots in 2012. Subsequently she has been admitted to the School of Design in Copenhagen, so now complement the company her SU while it gives her experience of being self-employed. And it goes really well:

- I was just called up yesterday by an Icelandic design shop that would like to sell my products! says Rikke Olsen Maagaard.


- KaosPilots is a three-year business and design school in Aarhus, which started in 1991.

- The program focuses on entrepreneurship and management.

- The admission requirement is that you are 21 years of age and have completed secondary education.

- The school is international, so all teaching is in English and part of the training takes place abroad (instead varies - next year a team eg. To South Africa for three months).

- Graduates chaos pilots have jobs in many different industries, such as consulting business, HR, project management, creative industries etc.

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