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Opportunity House has experienced psychologists with authorization. We can therefore guarantee that each Member to the quality of our work is in order.

We work closely with Psykologhuset Odense ApS and Psychologist Office to ensure a broad basis.

All our psychologists are members of the Danish Psychological Association and therefore follows the professional and ethical guidelines for Danish psychologists.


psychological interview

Sometimes you need a helping hand. Eg. if you have lost the joy seems everything seems incomprehensible that things or people make you uncomfortable or afraid. If you have trouble concentrating, sleep poorly or feel you are not good enough that others constantly criticize you. Or if you find it hard to find the will and the ability to complete a goal, drags you through life, or struggling as desperately without success. So we can probably help you.

Personal psychological development

A psychological interview / appearance is also more than just treatment. Would you like to develop sides of yourself that are not a direct problem, make your relationship more vibrant and dynamic than it already is, or do you want to develop your ability to be more present - in other words, would you personally development, it is also something of Opportunity House is experience within.

Opportunity House has experience in:
- Stress - Personal Development
- Anxiety - Coaching
- Depression - Mindfulness
- Crisis and grief - Supervision
- Individual interviews - Staff Training
- Therapy (IMAGO) - Studies
- Family counseling - Lectures and courses
- Pain - Group Process
- Music Therapy - Individual and group supervision

Mindfulness - personal development, meditation and yoga

Mindfulness can be described as deliberate attention to the present moment in a non judgmental way.

Mindfulness is the practice of being present. All people can be "mindfulle" or present in what is happening right here and now. But usually, we are trapped by thoughts, opinions, concerns regarding past or future, and is thus no longer present in the actual situation.

Such is the case when we rush through tasks and situations when we ignore our emotions, physical needs and pain when we eat and drink without being aware of what we consume and when we are concerned about how we will cope with an impending situation or how we tackled earlier.

If we on the other hand are present in the moment - and it can be trained in particular via mindfulness - we let us not be so easily hijack of concern thoughts. We learn to enjoy the little everyday things and to tolerate and accept the status quo while we achieve greater clarity of action. By being present, we open to greater understanding of ourselves and our surroundings and is thus easier to find tranquility and quality of life.

Mindfulness sharpens generally in touch with your thoughts and feelings, which also means that you get easily in touch with the difficult things in life. But the difficult thing is the pages that also must be handled and it becomes easier when you are present.

Studies show that the presence training can help people with stress, anxiety depression and pain conditions and sleep disorders. The presence training have also shown positive effects on quality of life and for the mediation of organizations.

Mindfulness is a single tool;

-provides an overview and in daily routines:
-provides you peace, balance and energy in your everyday life.
-trainer your ability to be present with what you're doing right now.
-make it easier to articulate your words and actions with clarity.
-provides you better connect with your body and your emotions.
ovine you to seeclearer and not mix it, is real, along with your interpretations and generalizations.

The instructors of the course is Hanne Juul Thomsen, who is coah, therapist and mindfulnessinstruktør and Peter Nielsen, psychologist, therapist and mindfulnessinstruktør. Read more about Hanne and Peter on our website under "Employees". Furthermore, a yoga instructor associated with parts of the course.

Opportunities Ltd. house hold mindfulnessforløb for a total of 9 x 2.5 hours. The first 8 times proceed at 1-week intervals, where the 9th time is a follow-up time ½ - 1 month after. There are limited seats.

Next mindfulnessforløb begins March 2012. There are no seats available!

Want to be on the waiting list for the course in the fall of 2012, or are you interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us by phone 66122120 or via mail: post@mulighedernes-hus.dk


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