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City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding Ingen SU eller løn Bachelors, Courses on specific subjects, Artistic Educations, Travel Abraod 3 år Ingen Marbella Design Academy
City Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Bachelors, Courses on specific subjects, Artistic Educations, Travel Abraod
Duration 3 år
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Marbella Design Academy
Fashion Designer / Fashion Designer

At Marbella Design Academy in sunny Spain, you can study in English and will be awarded an official UK Bachelor of Arts title in Fashion Design / Fashion Design.

In just three years, you can achieve the coveted English Bachelor of Arts title, awarded by the school's partner Middlesex University London after graduation from Marbella Design Academy.

The program starts twice a year in September and January.

If you want then you can continue with a Master for another 10 months at Middlesex University London or at any other university offering Masters in Fashion Design / Fashion Design. At only 4 years you can achieve to have both a Bachelor of Arts title and a Master title.

There are many advantages to studying for your Bachelor of Arts at Marbella Design Academy. You are studying at an international school with students from around the world and when school max has 230 pupils, you have a completely different attention from your teachers than if you studied at a large university. The level is top notch, taught in English and you have a great student.

Students live in good furnished apartments in the charming village of Monda, located within walking distance of the school and only 15 km from Marbella. You therefore have no transportation costs and your cost of living is extremely reasonable with less than 200 Euros a month in rent all inclusive when sharing a 2 room + 2 bathroom apartment with another student. The school helps all students find housing and, if you wish, one of share accommodation with. See links:

Marbella Design Academy students have a lifestyle all Danes envy. Food costs almost nothing and you can afford to enjoy the sun and restaurants daily. Prices are low and a drink or coffee at the restaurant costs only 1 euro. Marbella Design Academy also has a really nice student restaurant GAUDI serving good lunches daily for less than 5 Euros. See link:

Monda has statistically 330 warm and sunny days a year, making it possible to practice outdoor sports activities throughout the year. The offers are many. Just look here:

Being Fashion Designer / Fashion Designer is a global business, which employs a large proportion of the workforce in the world. Fashion market is huge and with little business sense combined with your fashion sense can end up with a very high income. The world's second richest man is Spaniard Amancio Ortega, fashion designer and owner of the famous "SARA" fashion chain with hundreds of stores worldwide. Spain is a mecca for fashion and some of the world's most famous fashion designers are Spanish.
This exciting, lucrative and growing fashion market has many interesting employment opportunities. Including fashion design, pattern cutting, merchandising and marketing.

Marbella Design Academy has trained many professional fashion designers, who have had success in the fashion industry.
When you choose to study Fashion Design at Marbella Design Academy, you are in the middle of a hub for internationally renowned and creative fashion designers.

Fashion industry is a great site. As a professional Fashion Designer allows you to create you a lucrative career with many opportunities to either create your own brands and collections, or you can choose to be employed in one of the many fashion houses worldwide. Fashion program at Marbella Design Academy gives you an insight into all the different job functions and career opportunities that exist within the fashion industry. You will have the opportunity to learn not only the academic and practical skills that are crucial for fashion design, but also essential personal skills such as confidence, presentation, organization, marketing, how to set up his own business, teamwork and to develop and express your own creative identity. Each academic designer and sew you your own kolektion. You can see the school's Bachelor of Arts program approved on the school website. See link:

Fashion students at Marbella Design Academy is often offered work in the fashion industry, even before they have graduated. The employment rate of graduates students is nearly 100%.

The school is housed in a beautiful building located in a scenic area. The school is purpose-built and State recognized by the Ministry of Education in Spain, when the school meets all the given requirements for a modern design school and nationally recognized training center.

All school teachers are professionals in their field. In addition to the permanent teaching staff, the school has many guest teachers who are professionals in a given specialty.

As Fashion / Fashion Design student at the Marbella Design Academy participate in during your training in many competitions and local fashion shows. We are proud of our students many times winner of professional participants.

The Bachelor of Arts approved the Fashion Design program offered at the Marbella Design Academy is designed for students to achieve the highest academic standards in the latest modern techniques and processes.

The first year of the program covers the basic skills such as freehand drawing, design history, fashion illustration, computer design and essential cutting and pattern techniques. Already from the first year to make your own collection from A to Z as you present at one of the school's annual EXPO's where more into 300 people in the design industry and the press present.
See link: - first-yearf35c-fc9b0fad-db9f0248-8725

The second year you build upon your skills from the first year, with further development of your creative fashion design processes, marketing, trend awareness and industry-oriented projects. See link: - second-yearf35c-fc9b0fad-db9f0248-8725

The third and last year you six weeks internship in a fashion company. It may be a local firm or it may be somewhere else on the planet, if you want to take your work experience abroad. The school helps all students find good and interesting internships. In the third year creates you from A to Z your graduation collection. Your skills from the 1st and 2nd years will be further developed so you know graduating is a professional trained Fashion / Fashion Designer.

All graduating students learn to make a complete, industry-ready, professional performed portefolio of styled photographs of their collection, set up in an elegant, creative and professional way, using the acquired computer programs 3rd year students have mastered professionally. These portfolios are very important sales tools as they demonstrate their proficiency and creativity. With their portfolios to students after graduation get their dream jobs in fashion induced path. See link:

Marbella Design Academy offers an excellent academic and technically developed Fashion Design program taught in a friendly atmosphere by professional and in wonderful surroundings.

Marbella Design Academy makes a great deal for her students. On the other hand, it is expected of you that you work hard with passion, concentration and focus for your goal to educate you for a professional Fashion Designer.

You can apply for admission to Fashion Design program at Marbella Design Academy from this link:

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