Marbella Design Academy

Marbella Design Academy

No need to go to the UK for your Bachelor of Arts degree awarded by a UK University.
You can study in sunny Spain at the exclusive Marbella Design Academy in Monda, only 15km from Marbella.
International Student Body
Students from all over the World have chosen to study at our lovely Academy for their 3 year BA / Higher Education qualifications to become either:
* Interior Architect, * Graphic Designer, * Fashion Designer, * Fashion Buyer and Merchandiser, *Fashion Stylist and PR, * Creative Advertiser or * Interior Product Designer.

High Academic Level
At Marbella Design Academy the academic level is the very best. The students receive high quality all round professional tuition and it is with pride that we can announce that the employment rate of our graduates is close to 100% World Wide.
We care passionately about our students and take their education very seriously. Marbella Design Academy offer to its students 80% planned tuition time, compared to only 20% planned tuition time in UK universities. With such a good level of tutor attention given by our highly qualified professionals, our students have an academic level that very few universities can beat.

Family Like Atmosphere
Marbella Design Academy has a family like atmosphere among students and staff. With a max capacity of 230 students at the Academy, each student is not only known by name but also has plenty of direct tuition. No wonder they are good!

All tuition is in English.
Accommodation and students lifestyle 90% of the students live in rented apartments in Monda only a short walk from the Academy. Our staff help all new students to find good and furnished accommodation. With so many international students living in Monda the village has become a small University Village and the student community is thriving.
The comparative cost of living is unbeatable with monthly rents for around 200Euros or less including water and electricity. What a great lifestyle!
Intakes twice per year
All our 3 years programmes start each year in September and in January. You can apply online from our website:


Camino Hoyanca S/N 29110, Monda, SPAIN

Contact info

Tel: (+34) 952 45 70 90


Fashion Designer / Fashion Designer

Graphical designer

Interior Designer

Foundation Course

Summer courses in Spain

Creative Advertiser

Interior Designer


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