mindfulness Instructor

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Professional Courses 8 uger Ingen At Work School
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Professional Courses
Duration 8 uger
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution At Work School
mindfulness Instructor

Become Mindfulness Instructor and learn how to use mindfulness to achieve a higher quality of life in your everyday life, including how you can reduce the stress that can accumulate in the space of a week. Mindfulness is used heavily in industry and in the health sector, but can equally be used in your daily life. You get some useful tools that can be used to achieve greater inner peace, better concentration and effectiveness are observed. Mindfulness could be a good tool in exam situations.

With mindfulness, you realize when it's time to turn down the new features so that you can process all the impressions you had during the day or week. It is also a good way to teach himself to put things into systems and prepare for exams. It requires daily training to maintain it. Especially if you also need to learn it from you again which is the whole point of the course.
An essential element of the course is that you must train and practice mindfulness, and could learn from you in your role as a director.

The course covers:
• Scientific background
• Research-based method
• Conscious presence
• Observation of body and mind
• External and internal attention
• Accept
• Basic meditation
• Moving Meditation
• Grounding and sharpened sensuality
• Self-awareness and mental
• Prevention of stress
• Dealing with negative emotions
• Mindfulness in daily life
• Dissemination of Mindfulness
• Disclosure of exercises to others

The price of the course is 9,500 kroner and you can read throughout the country.

Watch the video below, which shows how to use mindfulness in your work

Kristina - Mindfulness instructor:
"It was purely spontaneous that I chose At Work School course for Mindfulness Instructor, but my heart said Do It, so I made it,"
"I was surprised how much these exercises gave me, and so I decided spontaneously to join me for the course when I saw At Work School pop up on Facebook."

Sofie Mohr - Mindfulness instructor:
"I'm surprised at what the course has given me self-development purposes. It is much more than I could hope for. I have been much better to dare things, for example. I can now stand before people and holding events. In addition, mindfulness given me the tools that I have been better to talk and meet new people, better to feel them and be less shy and given me more energy and joy in everyday life. "

Lisbeth Ericson - Mindfulness instructor:
"Personally, I have this education become aware of many new things, and I feel more present in the moment. During the course you will also find out if you really are present, because when you stop, so the focus is maybe on something other than where it should be. "
"Commercial requires such. a sales situation, moreover, that it sells are mentally present, to lose focus sells perhaps not what you had expected, which can turn into a vicious circle. "

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