Massage therapist training

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen Ingen SU eller løn Professional Courses 2 year Ingen Oasis - Growth Centre for Personal Development
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Professional Courses
Duration 2 year
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Oasis - Growth Centre for Personal Development
Massage therapist training

"To make contact with the soul, our full potential, we must turn our attention inwards. The experience of perfection comes from within and like light shining through a prism, the light source in our inner beam through all aspects of us."

Essential Touch® massage therapist program at the Oasis (RAB approved)

A maximum of 16 participants in the program in healing massage, so you will at the Oasis experience the spaciousness and a presence that really give you space. At a time when everything is going strong and there is rarely time for contemplation and presence, is training as a massage therapist both rewarding and meaningful. Taking care of ourselves and our more basic needs for intimacy and introspection, is a life-giving source of profit and enhanced quality of life. That is precisely why healing massage and Essential Touch® increasingly in demand in both the private clinics, companies and institutions.
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Healing Massage and Essential Touch® method is both beautiful and effective tool to rest more in ourselves and thereby make us better able to handle more situations and prevent burnout. As probably most important, we are more present, both in our actions and in our relationships. Also the finding into our healthy sense of self and our inner values ​​and how we can incorporate them into our lives, is an important element of Essential Touch® massage training, combining both the mental and spiritual aspects of the physical massage.

Massage therapist training

On Oasen's 2-year-old massage therapist training you develop your personal skills and get a solid background to work with healing massage, self-development and coaching on a professional level. The program is a unique and exceptional opportunity to go deeper into your own development and may therefore be of great benefit out entirely for your own sake. Training takes place in a safe environment and at a steady pace. It is modular and form a whole and is designed so that you can easily have a full time job while you go on training because the modules always include a weekend so you use fewest days off. On the massage therapist program, you will learn to go in depth with the individual body areas through advanced massage and touch techniques, learn about the corresponding body-mind connections, as well as specific speech and coaching techniques (Kasha certified NLP Trainer), which opens into to the psychological field. In this way you get a deep insight into the connection between the physical and mental aspects that contribute to creating imbalances and tensions in body and mind, as well as the resources and potentials which also features in each area. Through working with a particular body region or theme you will experience how valuable a tool healing massage is for both to releasing tension and stress, and for self-development and growth.

Your personal development

Theoretical and practical knowledge is far from enough to work with other people. That is why Essential Touch® method just to go deeper into your own development and find your way to your resources and potentials. You learn at the same time to recognize and process the inappropriate feelings and patterns, so that you strengthen your self-esteem and may rest more in yourself. As finished therapist you are thereby able to meet your clients with both clarity of professional competence and presence. You can focus on your goals in life and you learn to make decisions and to manifest you in accordance with your values. Setting healthy boundaries and to express your desires and needs. To stand by yourself as you basically are. And as your process immerses himself, you get the opportunity to go beyond the personality limitations and find your own space of inner silence and clarity.

When the old beliefs and have pictures fall away, and we are more present in the moment, we get a deeper sense of who we are. We are affected by our soul, of our natural and original i. A state of being, a presence that is filled with intrinsic resources and qualities. The insights and the growth that happens to you during training, it creates well change as a brand new fundation, which enables you to meet yourself and others from a far deeper and more authentic place.

Transformation and Integration

The program emphasis is all along great emphasis on your own process, so that you through processing and acceptance of their own life themes thus are better able to support others in their development. Alongside you develop your skills as a professional masseur, so you after the training we have your very own personal style as a masseur and massage therapist and have a good foundation to work with other people who want support and treatment through healing massage, relaxation and conversation. It is our experience that there is the greatest opportunity to really create a positive and lasting change when working with himself in a lengthy process, so the development process you go through even have the time to integrate into both the personality as in everyday life.

Body Areas and themes:

* Legs: Grounding and realism - Values ​​and direction in life
* Back and neck: History and Development - Strength and power
* The arms and chest: Creativity and sensitivity - Terms and relationships
* Face and belly: Centering and faith - Holistic and Essence
* Organisation and objectives
* Joint-Release and hand massage
* The psychological currents
* Creating trusting contact


Teaching is both theoretical and practical, and contains in addition to healing and massage techniques, kinetics and anatomy, topics such as interview techniques, NLP - and Coaching, general psychology, developmental psychology and defense mechanisms, client processing, record keeping and clinic operation, self-development and meditation, essen work as well as presentation of other alternative therapies. Self Therapy and supervision is an integral part of education, and on each module is taught in the overall principles and ethics of healing massage and to work with other people. We have prepared a comprehensive and manageable training materials that you will receive during the training.

Conversation and Coaching

Kasha is a certified NLP Coach, why you can be sure that this part of the training is based on a solid scientific foundation. The conversation is used to give the client a deeper and more adequate self-perception and self-perception, and to identify the problems and limiting action and thought patterns, which often results in an incorrect understanding of ourselves and our possibilities. By listening and asking the crucial questions we support the client in seeing causal relationships in the life themes and issues being worked with, thus opening for greater understanding and self-acceptance. The interview used in this way also as a therapeutic tool. Coaching is about developing their skills and opportunities. Through a series of basic voice and coaching techniques, you increase your ability to communicate and create good and trusting contact with others. Coaching is solution-oriented and is about giving people the opportunity to find clarity and direction in life. Finding meaning in life, gain greater self-confidence and contacts to the resources and qualities that can overcome limiting attitudes and beliefs. Coaching can also help reduce stress, conflict resolution, to improve our relationships and relationships, clarify and achieve our goals and increasing our health and quality of life.


Training is an ongoing process and you are therefore monitored with the same group of people in a long-term process. It provides a unique opportunity to open up for yourself and others on a deep and nourishing plan to develop your resources and skills personally and professionally, to mirror and support each other's process, get candid feedback, and try out new sides of yourself in a safe and inspiring forum.

As a graduate

As fully trained massage therapist can thus provide a good energises healing massage, and you can also support client therapeutic or coaching. The topics here can be worked with are diverse, but they are always based on the client's life-situation and desires. For example. be the desire to reveal and redeem old unsuitable action and behavior patterns to find direction in life and set up constructive goals, conflict resolution and stress management, getting more profits and reconnect with its resources and not least the desire to build a better and more stable self-esteem.


After you complete the training a diploma is issued as Essential Touch® massage therapist. Other courses you take at the Oasis during the training period will also time wise be added to the diploma. As a graduate Essential Touch® massage therapist you have the opportunity to become registered alternative practitioner (RAB) after the Board of Health regulations.

How can education be used

The program qualifies you to work as a massage therapist, where you can apply the massage both as part of personal development and coaching, as beauty & relaxation massage and health care. You can choose to work in private clinics or in cooperation with health centers, spas, doctors or alternative practitioners, and you can be engaged in businesses and institutions, which include massage used to staff care, stress treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries. You also have the opportunity to teach the evening schools, colleges and training can also be seen as a valuable training in health and social care, education and therapy.

Job Opportunities

Massage therapist.