City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark SU berettiget Shipping 3 year Folkeskole en//HeleDanmark/byguidested
Marstal Navigation School
City Denmark
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Shipping
Duration 3 year
Admission Requirements Folkeskole
Education Institution en//HeleDanmark/byguidested
Marstal Navigation School

Have you always dreamed of being a mate on a ship, or just have overall responsibility for the ship? The training as master gives you all the options you need in relation to this person in charge of the sea.

You have to go through three levels to become a master. You can choose to stop after each level, if you are satisfied with a shorter education. All programs lead to a responsible job, but at different levels.

Coastal Skipper training is the shortest with only 6 months of training. It is also the simplest and most basic, where you learn the most basic things on a ship.

You learn to use a PC, communication and cargo handling. You learn about environmental protection and meteorology (which is very important when you are in a natural environment), and machine learning, so you know what to do if you are missing an engineer. Additionally, you learn about navigation, the Collision Regulations and maritime law.

In addition, you will be trained in the use of radar, and have limited knowledge of health care and education in smoke diving.

When you are finished as a coastal skipper you are allowed to function as a mate on ships up to 500 gross tons.

After the coastal skipper training you can continue putting skipper training, which lasts 12 months.

Here are taught further in the above areas where you among other causes an extended medical care course.

Once the 12 months are up, you can control a ship of 3000 gross tons.

The last level of the master program called master and goods also 12 months. You must have made previous education and have a 10th grade level in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

In addition to the above subjects you will be taught in a maritime software and security management, as well as geography, culture, sociology, HR and marine engineering, as well as a few other subjects.

This is your management training complete and you are now mate 2nd class, so you can control ships of all sizes. When you have sailed in a year's time you will Mate 1st Class.