worship Leader

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements
Aarhus Ingen SU eller løn Folk School Courses 1 year Ingen
City Aarhus
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Folk School Courses
Duration 1 year
Admission Requirements Ingen
worship Leader

As a trained law's remorse from Kantoriet you learn to become proficient in the musical craft. You learn to live a life of worship and to include others in this. You learn to lead a group into praise and worship and raise up other worship leaders.

Training to take you from being a singer to a worship leader initiates the process with a focus on your personal discipleship. Your knowledge of God, your spirit and your calling to God a priority. Later in the process, the focus is more on your musical skills and your spiritual leadership in your congregation. You are trained in other words, to contest a small or large space in your congregation with flying colors.

In practice,
Training takes place over a year in the form of four weekend collections and "huddle" (Huddle is a kind of time-out, which will be followed up on the process and the next steps planned) in your own congregation every two weeks. Weekend collections takes place in Aarhus Valgmenighed which is rich in community and sparring. Further regularly check an online huddlegruppe that helps you transform what you have learned something you can put into practice.

You learn to become a good law's anger on Kantoriet. It started back in 2011 and has trained more than 50 lovsangere from over 20 congregations.

Job Opportunities

Worship leader, choir, musical jobs, education etc.

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