Running Coach / Running Trainers

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Education Institution At Work School
Running Coach / Running Trainers

It has a great influence that you have a trainer or a coach who can motivate and advise on how to run stronger or exercising his powers as possible if you want to run optimally.

You need not be an elite runner to take the training as track coach. Do you have a healthy interest in the area and can learn from you. You learn how the body behaves during the run, not just physiologically, but also how to push the mental. You become familiar with different running styles, how you put the best route adapted to the individual's level and needs and you will of course be taught how best to avoid damage.

You get a thorough insight into the theory of anatomy and physiology, as well as how to relate to your future students. It's about being able to motivate the right way and not just believe that everyone can understand what you mean when you show or explain it in your own way.

The program consists of 60 hours which is divided into 45 hours of e-learning and 15 hours of classroom instruction.

You will be examined by an external examiner and the examiner. You can after passing the certification to use the title At Work Certified Running Coach.

Become a Process Trainer ®
If you are a qualified fitness instructor from At Work School, and take training as track coach, you can study on the trade mark law protected title Process Trainer ®.

In the program, you will get training in:
Basic anatomy and physiology:
• Bone Learning
• Ledlære
• Muscle Learning
• Circuit
• Respiration

Training Doctrine:
• Heating
• Circuit Training
• Muscle Training
• Movement Training
• Technical training

Training Planning:
• Target groups
• Objective
• Programming
• Routing
• Equipment

• Motivation and coaching
• running style and technique
• Fitness Test
• Active Nutrition

Job Opportunities

Running Coach.

Special admission requirements

The price of the program includes. all materials is 7,995 crowns and taught in Frederiksberg and on the Internet.

Are you a member of the Running Club on Facebook or Marathon Sports, we will give 10% off training. The discount is automatically deducted when you register for the program.