Truck Mechanic at Defenders

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements
Aalborg Lønnet praktik Danish Military Educations 6 year Folkeskole
City Aalborg
Student Scholarships Lønnet praktik
Category Danish Military Educations
Duration 6 year
Admission Requirements Folkeskole
Truck Mechanic at Defenders

As a truck mechanic at the defense you can get to work in all armed with repair and maintenance of defense running tools. It includes cars, trucks and tracked vehicles. The repairs can take place both in workshops and in the field.

You can also use your education in private afterwards. And when you've had with military vehicles do you have some experience and knowledge of special products and motor vehicles that are good to have on hand when you come out in real life.

You will learn among other things, to detect and repair faults in engines, steering and brakes.

You will be a way, a kind of IronMan / Tony Stark who can turn on a lot of items and find solutions to get it running again.

In addition to the technical training you will also be trained in handling weapons, first aid and other military. In the course there are 7 school periods of min. 5 weeks and 6 internship periods of 2-6 weeks. Do you service east of the Great Belt training takes place at the technical school in Lyngby.

If you are west of the Great Belt, the Technical School in Aalborg, in charge of training. Internships End takes place in workshops in Taiping, Korsor, Fredericia, Disc or Aalborg. After receiving her certificate you can expect to be deployed in international missions. The program takes up to 6 years of vesting period included, depending on how many courses you take.

Job Opportunities

truck Mechanic

Special admission requirements

9th grade as well as the basic course at a technical school, mechanical, transport and logistics line under groups mechanic. A physical test, written test and a personal evaluation.

Application deadlines

Please see: Defence education website