LA Hair Salon

LA Hair Salon opened in 2018 at the address Rugårdsvej 193. The couple Marco Jensen and Heidi Juul Knudsen are behind the salon, where they together live their common dream of opening their own hair salon. The salon was for a start only a men's salon, which has subsequently been expanded to also make women's clips. Here everyone is welcome, and both clips are made for men, ladies, children and the elderly. The salon is a drop in salon, which means that you can have your hair cut without an appointment. Then you are on the go and want to freshen up your hairstyle, then you can just meet up here when it suits you best.

The name of the salon arose from the fact that the United States and Los Angeles mean a lot to the owner Marco, who himself has lived several years in Los Angeles. This is also reflected in the salon, which is decorated with inspiration from American salons. This is reflected, for example, by a large Harley Davidson Chopper who is standing on the window sill as well as a cactus they have standing.

The service here is also top notch and you can have a cup of coffee, beer or soft drinks served while you wait and wait. Here, the customer is always at the center, and it is clear to note that good time is given to the customer, where the customer gets an extra good service. If you want anything other than hair treatments, it is also possible to get facial, beard trimming, hair removal of the ear and nose and plucking eyebrows.

Although the service is top notch, the prices are at the bottom, and here everyone can clearly be involved. The prices are to a degree student friendly, and the prices for a women's clip are NOK 230 and the prices for men's clips are NOK 150. Check in if you want a cheap cut where service is top notch.


Rugårdsvej 193, 5210 Odense NV

Contact info

61 73 20 77

Opening Hours

Mandag-fredag: 10.00-17.00

Lørdag: 10.00-15.00