Quota 1 and 2

Quota 1 and 2

So approaching the time at which you have to think of the application to dream studio. But when is it to be searched respectively into quota 1 or quota 2?

Quota 2:
Here you will be solely judged by the results of your upper secondary education. In quota 1 is absorbed applicants with the highest grade point average first before applicants with a lower grade point average. The application deadline is July 5 pm. 12. But if you are not sure that your grade point average is high enough to be admitted through quota 1, you can apply via quota 2nd

Quota 2:
Absorption through quota 2 is for candidates who for various reasons can not be admitted through quota 1, or need to be assessed on qualifications beyond graduation average. In quota 2 is, however, a precondition that you:
1. If the entry requirements for that program.
2. Have a minimum of one additional activity - technical and or consult the general qualifications beyond the qualifying examination
3. And finally you submit a motivated application. (Also called a curriculum vitae)

To apply for admission to quota 2, the qualifying examination to be completed before the application deadline on 15th March. However, applicants who have been out of the Danish school system, because for example, they have been abroad or similar search through quota 2 the same year as they expect to complete the qualifying examination.

But what is it that look for the part of applicants in quota 2?
I Quota 2 will be in the selection of qualified applicants undergo an overall assessment, where the emphasis is on; - Grades and levels in the subjects that make up the study of specific entry requirements. - Various relevant activities, for example, study abroad, training, courses, folk high school and working life. - And finally the motivation.

The motivated application:
This is your description of the skills you have to begin the study and a description of your motivation for applying. It's a good idea to see reasons for applying as a form of job application where you have to "sell yourself", while providing an accurate representation of yourself. Simply describe what you have done since you have completed your exam, everything that can be relevant and qualifying for just the studio you are looking into.

You must therefore show the relationship that has existed between your activities and the study that you want to enter. - So also needs to explain why, and not just what you have done. (Also, you can search the quota 2, if you do not have a qualifying exam, but you think you have skills that can be equated with a secondary education). But considering you to search through quota 2, you should always check the admission requirements of the different programs, as there can be great variation in what is being emphasized.