Kong finery Driving School

Kong finery Driving School

Driving School offers driving license for car and large trailer (road train) up to 7 tons)
Kong finery driving school is Green driving school, which will themselves to learn a lot about the economy drive.

The teams are small and are taught personally by the same instructor used not computer instruction, but a teaching which is based on dialogue and direct involvement of the students when difficult issues such example. attitudes, or complex traffic situations to be discussed.

Driving School is a member of the JMC (the union of free driving instructor), which has the best guarantee fund, and your security you get the service you pay for.

January Kong Stad trained driving instructors for cars and large trailer, and director of road safety center Ellested.


Nymarksvej 55 5800 Nyborg

Contact info

Telefon: 31487772

E-mail: kongstads@live.dk

Opening Hours

kl. 8:00 til 20:00


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