Would you like to dine at an inn that is just a few kilometers from the heart of Copenhagen, which you find in scenic surroundings? Then Kongelundskroen is definitely a place for you! The Kongelundskroen in Copenhagen is located at the southern end of Amager by the Kongelunden forest at Kalvebodvej 270.

At Kongelundskroen you will find an inn and restaurant that has a high standard for their food. Here, they also have proud food traditions, where they emphasize quality and freshness, so that their guests can always have an experience a little out of the ordinary. Here they use seasonal ingredients, so the food is of the highest quality with extremely good taste.

Their guests like to travel long distances to visit Kongelundskroen, which is much loved by their customers. It is located close to the heart of Copenhagen, so it is not difficult to find the inn if you are in the city. Here you will find a cozy inn with good food situated in cozy and idyllic surroundings, which is definitely something worth experiencing.

Do you want to visit the inn? Then you can advantageously choose to book a table as this smaller inn can be filled quickly. There are often parties in the house, so please reserve a seat, as the restaurant may run the risk of filling up quickly. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the restaurant is closed, but for the rest of the week you have the opportunity to visit them and taste their delicious food and experience the cozy atmosphere in the inn.

Bring your study buddies under your arm for a slightly different dining experience than you might be used to at a cozy inn close to the center of town.


Kalvebodvej 270
2791 Dragør

Contact info

Telefon: 32 53 31 57
E-mail: kongelundskroen@mail.dk

Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag: Lukket
Torsdag - søndag: 12.00 - 17.00