Sameenas Driving School

Sameenas Driving School

At Sameenas Driving School you will be quickly ready for a life on four wheels! Køreskolen Find centrally located in Nørrebro, specifically Borups All 5A. Here there every day working hard for you as a student to receive the absolute best service and, of course, that you are happy for your progress. Here there will be no compromise on the quality of teaching, and in Sameenas Driving School you always get a great price on your license!

Sameenas Driving School receives many inquiries regarding. the possibilities of a female driving instructor, and therefore runs the female driving instructor with the female students and male driving instructor runs with the male students - what could be simpler.

A driving license is not just something you just take. Therefore, the attitude of Sameenas Driving that your driver's license is an education, and as with all education should take the process seriously. To make it easier for you to get started, they have gathered a large number of tips and tricks that you can read more about here - Tips & Tricks for your driver's license !

You can always meet up to a non-binding and free info-evening if you would like to learn the school and its teachers a little better. All Thursdays. 16:30's intro tonight - what are you waiting for?


Law package 11999, -
course course 13999, -
driving test 1200, -
driving time 45 min 400, -
test fee 800, -

Student Discounts

Get 500 kr. Student discount if you show up with a friend. Both will receive the discount!


Borups Alle 5A
2200 København N

Contact info

Telefon: 2216 6585


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Sameenas Driving School
Sameenas Driving School
Sameenas Driving School
Sameenas Driving School